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Palm Pre price cut expected soon

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Sep 2009 18:23 User comments (7)

Palm Pre price cut expected soon According to PreCentral, beginning on October 31st the Palm Pre will begin selling in some areas for $150 USD, a 25 percent price cut off its current price tag.
The discount will be available through third-party retailers such as Best Buy but not directly through Sprint, the exclusive carrier.

The 3G capable phone has a 3.1-inch touchscreen with 480x320 resolution and a slider design which hides a full QWERTY keyboard. More notably, the phone uses Palm's own WebOS Linux-based operating system, which offers multitasking for applications and "Synergy" for contacts integration.

The Pre, despite selling well, must compete in a market full of other smartphones including the iPhone and a number of Android, Symbian and WinMo phones.

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7 user comments

18.9.2009 20:19

This phone could be Free and I still would not be interested, unless they stop Requiring an Everything plan to use it. Not worth paying double what I pay now for a monthly plan that has the same features I have now!

28.9.2009 20:27

The lowest everything plan is $69 450 minutes + unlimited everything else! I have an everything data family costing $129 a mo. i do not have this phone YET but plan to as soon as my current contract runs out!
The iPhone requires even more expensive plans! & if you didn't have an everything data plan this phone & over 50% of its purpose is useless! If you don't have a full everything data plan yo& have no use for those features you might as well stay with the basic phone!

38.9.2009 20:44

"if you didn't have an everything data plan this phone & over 50% of its purpose is useless! "

How do you figure this? I have an HTC Diamond on the 450 plan with the $15 Power Vision(Unlimited data and internet) Same data thats included in the everything plan! I pay $43/month after company discount. Free 1000 txt messages when they raised rates and Free Pick 3 any network, essentially giving me unlimited minutes with Google Voice. I would gain absolutely nothing by switching to the 450 everything plan, except a Larger Monthly Bill.

48.9.2009 21:54

All the new smart phones with Sprint require an everything plan except the WinMo phones. Cheaper plans are great, but WinMo is horrible. Plus the everything plans are a better deal than the other big carriers. I have a Pre and it's an awesome phone. I had a HTC Touch Pro before and my Pre has been worlds better.

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59.9.2009 13:34

You know what though? Seriously?
I wanted the iPhone but went to Sprint and got the Instinct instead. Now, the instinct as a whole blows and can't touch the iPhone. However the everything data plan from Sprint was worlds cheaper than ANY carrier offers. And i knew the Palm Pre was coming. So for me i choose Sprint because it was the cheapest everything plan on the market. If you HAVE to have a phone that forces you to pay for an everything plan you're a fool to not go with Sprint.

69.9.2009 22:57

the webOS, IMO, is one of the BEST mobile OS's around. i CANT WAIT for this to come to the UK!

710.9.2009 15:08

PS sprints everything plan now has UNLIMTED mobile to mobile (ANY CARRIER ANY TIME) included.


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