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HP and Dell make 3D notebook orders

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Sep 2009 15:49 User comments (9)

HP and Dell make 3D notebook orders According to the Chinese-language Commercial Times, the PC giants HPand Dell have made orders for 3D notebooks from parts maker Wistron, who is also currently in negotiations with Lenovo and Sony for a similar orders.
Interestingly, Wistron's 3D notebooks uses 3D systems from their own patents, cutting much of the costs of licensing, and leaving the 3D notebooks at a price not much higher than traditional notebooks.

There were little other details, but many expect at least a few of the companies to show off their 3D hardware at the upcoming CES event in January.

We will keep you updated.

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9 user comments

119.9.2009 15:55

Yea Nvidia also sell 3D Hardware I think ...

219.9.2009 16:28

why can;t it die already?.....

319.9.2009 18:28

im sure that can be great for your eyes

419.9.2009 19:16

Hm why shall it die ? ^^

519.9.2009 19:19

Originally posted by bookfox:
Hm why shall it die ? ^^

Because its a another 3D fad doomed to die a early death because there are not enough sheep to buy into it regularly.

620.9.2009 2:50

I wonder about that picture that's with the article. They can't be serious about using the red and blue technology for their 3D computers are they ?

720.9.2009 17:46

It is me but sure seems like a gizmo that won't be utilized but much? Games possibly and a few movies. Consider i have a great home theater, and many things that are "Surround Sound", well the sound tracks might be Surround, when watching the movie not much of the movie is really in surround. My point is i bet if the 3D stuff takes off very little will really utilize it in the manor it should be. Sure a few scenes here and there might be but not enough to do justice to the entire movie.

I'm also thinking some of the newer video technologies might be more interesting, displays that are built more as a set of sun glasses, i would consider these could probably do 3D without too much trouble. Considering some recent movies are now able to produce the 3D effect without the need for the funky "Eye Doctor Glasses"... :)

Just seems like a lot of fuss over something that will be completely useless or under utilized...

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820.9.2009 23:04

Pass. . . .

921.9.2009 6:11

It all depends...if they can build it as a tablet, and to work without 3D glasses, then we can finaly play that game from the first Star Wars movie!

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