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Microsoft-branded phone rumors surface again

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Sep 2009 3:19 User comments (1)

Microsoft-branded phone rumors surface again Rumors have surfaced again today over the highly anticipated Microsoft-branded mobile phone, and ZDnet compiled all the rumors into one page.
Dubbed Pink for the time being, the smartphone will include premium service such as the Zune Marketplace and the phone will likely have many of the features of the T-Mobile Sidekick, given that Microsoft acquired the boys behind the Sidekick last year.

The Pink will also use the upcoming Windows Mobile 7, however the OS is not expected to be available until the Q3 2010. There is still a chance however, that we will see an early prototype of the Pink at the CES event in January.

Here is a alleged drawing of one of the two Pink phones, nicknamed "Turtle":

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1 user comment

122.9.2009 19:51

We keep waiting for it...waiting for it...seems like they'll release it when they're good and ready to, but MIGHT be an opportunity cause Sprint doesn't look so well these days. All I ask is that they don't cripple the phone with 2-5MP camera or no Wi-Fi, and please don't have this phone named Pink or even Turtle for that matter, cause it doesn't look good for us men folk out there who want one. :)

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