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PS3 sales hold up in Japan

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Sep 2009 14:18 User comments (5)

PS3 sales hold up in Japan Sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) consoles last week in Japan totaled 51,055, toughly an 8 percent drop from 55,344 units the week before. The result is relatively stable considering the release of the PS3 Slim had driven sales up to 151,000 units suddenly in the country, leading to some speculation about whether the console would see a lasting boost from the new model.
The only gaming hardware to outperform the PS3 last week was, unsurprisingly, the Nintendo DSi handheld console, which moved 66,073 units during the week. The older DS Lite, sold 13,555 units. Nintendo's Wii console dropped to 16,698 unit sales from the 17,568 sales the week before. Xbox 360 sales sunk from 7568 sales to 4965.

Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold, both for the DS platform, topped the gaming charts in the country, followed by Tales of Vesperia for the PS3 and Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakkyuu Portable 4 for the PSP.

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5 user comments

127.9.2009 2:16

i want pokemon :(

227.9.2009 2:40

Seriously don't hold your breath on the PS3 holding Give it time and it'll be considered road kill again.

327.9.2009 3:39

Oh good verperia finally came out for the ps3. I knew it must have been a timed exclusive.

Originally posted by fgamer:
Seriously don't hold your breath on the PS3 holding Give it time and it'll be considered road kill again.
Fanboys, we all know one. And if you didn't before, now you do.

427.9.2009 12:49

If you look at yearly wii vs ps3 sales in 2009 compared to 2008 in japan, it's obvious that the Wii is really on a decline there. Japanese gamers have went portable and for those left that still care about home consoles, about 8.5+ million already have a Wii. The DS is cannibalizing the Wii demographic. So it's expected the PS3 will perform better. Though I doubt the PS3 will catch up in all-time sales to Wii. That's a 5 million gap. The market is portable now.

Also in every console war since PS1, it seems like the winner always turned out to be the easy to pirate system. PS1, PS2 and now Wii. I'm pretty sure this pattern won't break. Even for the so-called "core gamer", the Wii's software library is good enough and the hardware is cheap enough to justify buying it for the easy "backup" loading.

530.9.2009 0:05

Wii isn't even worth pirating for though... I modded mine and I haven't touched it in like 6 months lol

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