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Release team taken out by Swedish Antipiracy Bureau

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Oct 2009 13:35 User comments (3)

Release team taken out by Swedish Antipiracy Bureau According to a final NFO released today by the group, the longtime torrent release team SVENNE-REDCROSS has been taken out by the Swedish Antipiracy Bureau and has ceased operations, immediately.
Overall, the message from the group seems very condescending, as well as aggressive, and comments are that it may have come from the S.A.B instead. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

The full NFO says:

After ten years on the Scene were stepping down and leaving it forever. We have been exposed by the Swedish Antipiracy Bureau whom have identified all of our members and sites. The good thing is that we have had the possibility to make a settlement.

Our activity is immediately ceased.

We apologies to all Swedish and foreign movie producers for the damage we have caused.
Those of you who are still involved in the Scene - close down. None of you are safe out there.

First, you guys gave a lot to the scene, so the hat off!
However, you must have failed miserably in the area of obtaining security. Only pre on sites with glFTPD and enforced SSL? Thats probably the only and best way not to EVER get busted ey? [lalz]

Lets just be damn honest, 99 of the so called 1337 groups ask only for: Speed, Size and affils.

Not a single question about security, none mentioned none forgotten. It would have been interesting to know what you guys did to achieve security... [?]

It would be VERY interesting to know how you guys could get busted! [?] Or would that just be too embarrassing?

Ever considering encrypting HDDs and S.T.F.U when the police comes [?] Sure its fun to know your nicks and that you made a settlement.. hehe, but that wont help anyone with

-AntiHenrikPonten ( [link] ) LOL

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3 user comments

15.10.2009 14:22

I am wondering if we will ever see software pirates mimic REAL pirates (i.e. closer to terrorists) and fight back against the corporations.

25.10.2009 18:09

when corporations get larger and the value of modern human life wanes more than it is. Then welcome tot eh days of shadow run.

In the end if they didn't sale anything thing they didn't damage anything!

35.10.2009 22:30


You forget that the authorities only care about "perceived" sales. They will never understand the idea that just because somebody downloads something illegally it has no relation to that fact that they might not have ever bought it legally.

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