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GSM Palm Pre hits Germany

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 13 Oct 2009 12:58

GSM Palm Pre hits Germany

The Palm Pre smartphone has hit Germany this week, on the O2 carrier, one day before it launches in Spain and three days before its UK launch.
The smartphone will be GSM, unlike the CDMA-version available in the United States via Sprint, allowing for SIM card usage.

The phone will cost 480 euro for unlocked version or 1 euro if you sign a 2-year financing deal at 20-euro per month.

For the UK, the pricing is different. The best deal is to purchase the phone with 18-month contract, for 96.89 GBP and pay 29.38 GBP a month for the duration of the contract.

René Schuster, CEO of Telefónica O2 Germany: "We operate one of the most modern mobile telecommunications networks in Europe and offer our customers a simple and transparent tariff structure. In combination with Palm Pre our customers experience top-class mobile communications. With Palm Pre the mobile internet becomes the easiest thing in the world."

"There's a lot of excitement about Palm Pre in Europe as we continue to expand Palm webOS products across new carriers and countries," adds Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein. "We look forward to launching Palm Pre with O2 so users in Germany can see firsthand how Palm webOS offers a new and better smartphone experience."

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