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iPhone 3GS jailbreaking still possible

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Oct 2009 13:34 User comments (3)

iPhone 3GS jailbreaking still possible On Wednesday we reported that Apple finally patched a bootrom vulnerability in the iPhone 3GS which had been used for jailbreaking via the 24Kpwn exploit.
The iPhone Dev Team is reporting today however that jailbreaking is still possible on the 3GS, despite Apple's latest efforts.

"It’s not going to be impossible to jailbreak even if the exploit we used is gone," says Eric McDonald of the Team, via Wired.

All new 3GS models will have the new bootrom, patching the long open exploit.

McDonald explains however, that the new bootrom doesn't do all too much except make owning the iPhone 3GS a bit more of a hassle.

Says Wired: "The newly shipping iPhone 3GS’s bootrom interferes with 24kpwn, but that will only make the handset difficult to start up after it shuts down. Booting up will require being “tethered” to a computer. That means if you shut down a jailbroken iPhone 3GS, or if it runs out of power, you can only turn it back on by plugging it into a computer.

In short, changing the bootrom makes owning a jailbroken iPhone even more of a hassle than it already is. However, McDonald said the Dev-Team will just have to find a new exploit to enable untethered booting once again."

Cat-and-mouse game continues.

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3 user comments

116.10.2009 14:35

Well that didn't take long!!!


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217.10.2009 4:30

It seems like a pointless venture...owning an iPhone is a pain, even once you jailbreak, and even if you can restart without a teather. Even the article has multiple references to this. It seems doubtfull that anyone who would want to jailbreak would bother to do so now that they can get a much better android phone anyway.

317.10.2009 4:53

All apple did was slightly patch an exploit in the 3GS, slightly meaning they didn't do it very well if this was the end result...

But as the saying goes, as one door closes, another opens and so too will another exploit :D

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