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Symbian's Executive Director calls Google evil

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 27 Oct 2009 4:55 User comments (9)

Symbian's Executive Director calls Google evil In an interview with GigaOM's Om Malik, Lee Williams of the Symbian Foundation accused Google of using Android to collect user data for questionable purposes.
Symbian is the mobile phone OS used in Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung smartphones. Despite having a relatively small presence in the US market, it is found on more smartphones worldwide than any other OS.

Some industry analysts believe Android could be Symbian's biggest competitor over the next few years.

"First and foremost the goal of a Google system would be to create a situation where you have information about the user and the use of those apps," said Williams.

"Secondarily," he added, "it would be to cookie them, so that you get that unique identifier association with the data you've collected on the individual's habits, routines, and so on and so forth so that you can target apps toward them. So you can build more intelligent cloud-based apps for them."

Williams also complained that Android is fragmenting the market because of differences between the UI of various phone manufacturers.

Asked if he considers Android "more evil than the iPhone," he responded that he only considers Apple greedy, not evil, adding about Google, "When you have to say in your motto that we're not evil right away the first question in my mind is why do you have to tell me that?"

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9 user comments

127.10.2009 05:14

iPhone is is used to boost the popularity of evil groups such as the Chinese government and AT&T.

Android is open is the only mobile phone OS that can be examined by third parties to see if it is doing wrong. Android was started by Google, but has quickly grown out of their reach. Android is free, fast, and functional...with software that shares the same benifits.

Perhapse Symbian is evil...

227.10.2009 06:38

I've started to question Google the past few years ever since their purchases of some 'questionable cookie vendors' and the move to online-only installers that do questionable things (at least on Windows PCs).

327.10.2009 14:17

My Samsung G810 uses Symbian s60. Best OS for phones.........PERIOD! Most flexible and many free creations out there.

427.10.2009 16:07

Googles not evil.. hell who i'm a kidding Google is Satan reincarnate,
But I like it...Mwa-HAHAHAHAHAHA

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527.10.2009 23:51

Google IS evil, but sometimes they do something that is good (Google maps with streetview). Android is not only open source, it opens the door for other linux-based operating systems on the same phones. It probably won't be long before we see RedHat mobile and YellowDog Phone edition.

629.10.2009 13:58

why dose the vibrator maker care about what google dose?


729.10.2009 15:54

why dose the vibrator maker care about what google dose?
Nothing wrongg with being a little immature now and again is there!

829.10.2009 15:59

why dose the vibrator maker care about what google dose?
Nothing wrongg with being a little immature now and again is there!
I have not grown up yet 0_0

931.10.2009 20:41

my only problem with this article is the use of the word "Secondarily". it just doesn't feel like it fits for the sentence used.

but again, you do have to question the move to online only installers. what if i want to do something offline? i just flat out can't because, "we don't do that no mo'".

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