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Mobile Firefox RC coming next week

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Dec 2009 14:43

Mobile Firefox RC coming next week According to Mobile Crunch, a release candidate of Mobile Firefox is coming next week, finally giving users an in-depth look into the browser.
Says Mozilla’s VP of Mobile Jay Sullivan, as indexed by the source:

* Release candidate next week, final release within a few weeks
* Adblock Plus and around 30 other extensions are already playing friendly with Mobile Firefox, though they need some tweaking for the smaller screen
* Firefox won’t be the default browser on Maemo 5, though Nokia is considering the switch for Maemo 6 (which is coming in late 2010. We scooped the details and screenshots of Maemo 6 back in May.
* While they need pretty beefy hardware to make Mobile Firefox tick, the N900 isn’t the bottom line. "Everything now on the mid- to high-end is fine."
* The Windows Mobile build is 3-4 months behind the Maemo build
* They’re focusing on webapp features. In its current state, web apps in Mobile Firefox can pull data from the accelerometer and GPS, and store data in memory for offline use
* In 2010, they plan to add multitouch support, haptic feedback, camera usage, WebGL, and improved Javascript support.

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