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HDi's 100-inch 3D TV to cost up to $15,000

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Dec 2009 1:16

HDi's 100-inch 3D TV to cost up to $15,000 Thanks to HDi, large scale 3D projection televisions are now becoming more affordable, with the company announcing that their latest 100-inch displays will cost up to $15,000, a $50,000 discount off the comparable Panasonic display.
The 2D/3D laser-driven TV was even called “without a doubt, the best demonstration of 3-D technology I have ever seen” by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

According to the SanJoseBizjournal "the company claims its technology offers greater-than-high-def resolution and draws 80 percent less power than existing 2-D flatscreen plasma monitors of the same size. The company says it also offers a 95 percent reduction in manufacturing pollution, and a 100 percent reduction in harmful chemicals and radioactive components. At 10 inches thick, HDi’s 100-inch diagonal display weighs 75 percent less than equivalent plasma and LCD displays."

Additionally, HDi includes "passive glasses" with the sets, which reduce dizziness and nausea for even the most symptom-prone users.

CEO Ingemar Jansson says the company is in very early talks with the major TV manufacturers Sony, Sharp and Samsung over the "passive" glasses.

“We wanted to see if they would be interested in licensing the technology,”
Jansson added. “For the moment we are looking at mass manufacturing, but there may be a time where they can buy the parts from us.”

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