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BPI: Illegal downloading is not decreasing

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Dec 2009 13:11 User comments (12)

BPI: Illegal downloading is not decreasing According to a new British Phonographic Industry (BPI) survey, illegal downloading is not decreasing at all despite a new plethora of legal alternatives.
BPI CEO Geoff Taylor specifically cited a rise in downloads from blogs and newsgroups and called the results of the survey "very disappointing." The online poll surveyed 3000 people in the UK between the ages of 16 and 54.

Perhaps even more notably, users that currently downloaded from unauthorized services even said they planned to increase their pirating in the next six months.

Adds Taylor: "There are now more than 35 legal digital music services in the UK, offering music fans a great choice of ways to get music legally. It's disappointing that levels of illegal peer-to-peer use remain high despite this and the publicity surrounding imminent measures to address the problem. It's vital that those measures come into force as quickly as possible. The growth in other, non-peer-to-peer methods of downloading music illegally is a concern, and highlights the importance of including a mechanism in the Digital Economy Bill to deal with threats other than peer-to-peer."

Taylor did add that "digital singles" continued to increase with 117 million songs sold legally online in 2009. The BPI says despite that number, over 1 billion songs were downloaded illegally in the same period.

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119.12.2009 13:32


219.12.2009 13:48

Originally posted by chuckdog:
What the hell where they smoking? Did you honestly think that when the PB went down, that pirating was going to be on the decrease? Please!! Quite on the contrary, it will increase exponentially. When you swipe a lollipop from a toddler, what happens? They will protest (and cry/throw a tantrum/off the topic i know), which is what pirates are doing now. If you create it, they will come!! - BLUEBOY

319.12.2009 15:33

I dont personally fileshare, but I know a few people who do, and the reason they give is that it is easier to use p2p to get songs than it is to buy them. If they try to purchase on the slow rural connections they lose the page, timeout or the download stalls and they waste time trying again. With fileshare they just request the songs and eventually the packets are collected and they have them. I think the best thing is for p2p to be legalised and for the music industry to share songs in this way, with customers having the choice between lower quality free and top quality paid for content. That is if their connections are up to it. Until the UK have decent, affordable, ubiquitous broadband then fileshare is the only possible solution. IMHO.

419.12.2009 15:47

Nice padded Numbers they use, i always find that intersting.

how many of those songs are Christmas songs i wonder, mmm.

520.12.2009 0:24

Originally posted by chuckdog:
You and me both :)
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620.12.2009 6:46

well if they stopped price fixing the services & reduced the cost it may tempt a few, or if they actually published some decent music instead of the infestation of vapid pop music that has now taken over every genre.

EU blames record labels, not Apple, for iTunes restrictions 9:14PM, Tuesday 3rd April 2007
The European Commission has said that it sees the record companies - not Apple - as being responsible for consumers' inability to buy tracks at the lowest prices by shopping across national borders.

The EU executive sent formal charges to Apple and the major record companies last week because consumers can only buy iTunes in their own countries and cannot shop around for cheaper prices and a broader catalogue in other states.

'Our current view is that this is an arrangement which is imposed on Apple by the major record companies and we do not see a justification for it,' Commission spokesman Jonathan Todd told reporters.

The world's major record companies are Vivendi's Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Group and Warner Music Group.
who is to blame?

Vivendi's Universal Music Group.
Sony BMG Music Entertainment.
EMI Group.
Warner Music Group.

These companies along with the MPAA are owned by these few, these are the companies that dictate hardware specifications, DRM, pricing structures, & so on & so forth globally.

BMG (sony)
Time Warner
News Corp (Fox)
General Electric
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720.12.2009 10:14

stupid person + stupid survey + stupid leading questions = stupid result.

a survey proves what ? exactly - nothing.

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821.12.2009 0:34

yes 35 legal services all of em them are over priced and crap.
BPI is good at pulling figures out of their ass. they seem to ingore all the figures which contradict them.

good news is that not all British lords are in bed with the media cartel

Lord Lucas Compares P2P to Sharing a Newspaper seem like one of the only lords which is not read article here.

921.12.2009 0:36

i have a two word, four letter response to BPI.
but since there are children on this forum, i will instead say "Burp off".
ps-does legal alternatives include ?

1022.12.2009 21:25

lol to all of this even if they made songs to cost 1 cent people would still donwload them illegally. Free is always better than paying. So a;; of u that talk edited by ddp about sony and others go edited by ddp or something because you would also still download illegally even if it was one cent. As i also would

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1130.12.2009 9:50

we need to fight as free products to download from the internet. The advertising can cover their costs.

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121.1.2010 0:13

with internet connection speeds increasing and hardware capable of putting anything on a dvd or now the new blu ray disks its no surprise piracy is on the rise.Years ago you'd pay $800 or more for a cd burner and it would take an hour to download 1 song.BTW now they have P2P sites where you can download virtually anything they doesn't help either

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