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Psystar denies shutting down for good

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Dec 2009 12:47 User comments (2)

Psystar denies shutting down for good Despite numerous online reports that the company was shutting down completely and firing all its employees, Psystar's lawyers have called the reports untrue, and that the company will continue to fight in court.
K.A.D. Camara, of Camara & Sibley says: "Psystar does not intend to shut down permanently."

The Psystar site was down yesterday but has since been re-opened, possibly as a way to squash the rumors.

The illegal Mac clone maker was issued a permanent injunction to stop selling hardware running Apple's Mac OS X operating system and they have until December 31st to comply.

Psystar only remains a company, it appears, to fight in court the legality of the $50 Rebel EFI software that allows Intel-based PC users to install and run Mac OS X. "Customers can buy Rebel EFI, a machine from us or from Dell, and with Rebel EFI, install OS X on whatever computer they please," noted Camara.

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2 user comments

119.12.2009 13:53

Stop it, just stop it already!! Psystar, we appreciate the fight that you are fighting, but for $50 piece of software, you will lose a hell of a lot more money from it, then when you actually did create it in the first place. It's time to put you gloves up, and cease the fighting, cause you doing more harm than good to your cause! - BLUEBOY

220.12.2009 2:04

Many in the Hackintosh community don't even like the fact that Psystar's trying to make money on the RebelEFI since it's partially based on the FREE EFI emulators others in the community have developed. Sooner or later, there will be a free one that does what RebelEFI does, so how many would they end up selling anyway?

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