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Vonage releases iPhone, BlackBerry VoIP apps

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Dec 2009 22:03 User comments (3)

Vonage releases iPhone, BlackBerry VoIP apps Vonage has released its VoIP apps for the iPhone and BlackBerrys today, allowing users to make international calls for cheaper.
BlackBerry users can make the calls through cell networks while iPhone users can make the calls while connected to cell networks and Wi-Fi.

Vonage unlimited calling plans cost $25-a-month and the apps are free.

"As mobile devices become more powerful, broadband networks become more available and 3G/4G data networks become more open, we envision a future where Vonage delivers calls, readable voicemail, texts, MMS, and video calls from any device, using any broadband connection," added Vonage CEO Marc Lefar.

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3 user comments

124.12.2009 10:07

The Vonage app is a seperate plan/subscription from current Vonage users monthly plan. That gives it a BIG thumbs down from me IMHO.

The only real need for it would be if you needed to call long distance overseas; otherwise, why not use your included AT&T plan for domestic calling and as your "home" number?

224.12.2009 10:41

This is probably because they want to monitor activty on the app and bandwith associated it, otherwise, I really don't see WHY they would do a seperate charge especially if you already have an account. Any other thoughts why they would? - BLUEBOY

326.12.2009 3:56

No Need For Vonage Mobile or Vonage World Mobile

If one is already subscribed to Vonage World, it can easily be extended to any cell phone (regular and smart phones) without subscribing to Vonage Mobile or Vonage World Mobile, thus saving $14.99 per month. Cellular minutes are not used if ones cell phone carrier is AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile (free unlimited calls to and from favorite numbers) or Sprint/Nextel (free incoming calls). Just install a Call Bridge/Call Back switch on the Vonage World line and place unlimited air time and long distance calls to 60 countries and even share with family, friends, associates, etc. Also the use of the Vonage World line is not restricted to USA residents only. Land lines and some cell phones in the 60 countries can also place the same unlimited calls.

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