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DirecTV launching 3D HD channel next year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Dec 2009 22:25 User comments (5)

DirecTV launching 3D HD channel next year HDGuru reported today that DirecTV will launch the United States' first 3D HDTV channel in 2010, with an official announcement and more details to come at the upcoming CES event on January 7th.
The channel is possible because DirecTV has just added a new satellite to orbit, one that will be fully functional by March.

The source says the the "new DirecTV 3D channel will feature an assortment of movies, sports and programs in 3D. All programs are in HD 3D and meet the new 3D standards the major TV manufacturers support."

All current DirecTV HDTV boxes will receive the firmware upgrade which will give 3D playback and the channel will be compatible with all new 3D-capable TVs that are expected to be launched at CES from major manufacturers.

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5 user comments

130.12.2009 18:12

This should be pretty cool. I held off on buying a new tv to see what what was coming out that was 3d capable.

231.12.2009 1:01

I bought my HDTV last year and I love my HD channel subscription. I don't know if I would want to wait until 3D TV, especially with limited 3D channels, but it does sound good.

331.12.2009 4:41

I don't like DirecTV anymore..I was with them for 5 years and dropped them after the constant price hikes. That said they do always seem to have the latest tech..and the website is so easy to use as well as change programming instantly online without a hassle. Go figure they'd push for something else to put in commercials over their competition.

431.12.2009 15:13

Seriously, why would a person want to watch tv in 3d? The technology
is not that impressive. I have watched 3 movies in 3d and all of them I wished I had watched it standard. Maybe if I were 10 years old I could hold my hands out an go Oooo! O ya Direct TV subscribers beware if they launched a new satellite, get ready for your monthly subscription to go up about 3 to 5 dollars a month, Now I can pay 80 dollars a month to watch standard channels HD - yay 3d.

I miss analog.

531.12.2009 19:08

i'll say it if no-one else will........

3D PORN 3d PORN 3D PoRn mmmmwaaaaaahhhh haaaaa haaaa haaaa

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