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'Google' (verb) is the word of the decade

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Jan 2010 22:07 User comments (2)

'Google' (verb) is the word of the decade According to the American Dialect Society, the term Google (when used as a verb), is the top of word of the last decade, beating out "green," "blog," "text," "9/11," and "war on terror" for the honor.
"It's hard to imagine life before we were Googling," American Dialect Society executive council member Ben Zimmer says.

In 2002, "Google" was voted as "most useful" by the Society, and there aren't too many people out there who could have seen Google's raging successes coming.

During the decade, the suffix "-er" saw a boost, with terms such as "flip-flopper" and "birther" becoming commonplace, and the prefix "un-" saw a boost as well, with terms such as "unfollow" and "unfriend" becoming mainstays thanks to Twitter and Facebook.

A few of the notable words of the decade that have not "stood the test of time" despite being very popular at one point include "muggle" (from Harry Potter), "bushlips," and "plutoed."

CBS, via the Society has posted some of the most notable words for each year of the past decade:

Chad; Courtesy call; Civil union; Nader traitor

9/11; Shuicide bomber; Ground zero; Misunderestimate

WMD; Google (verb); Blog; Amber alert; Regime change

Metrosexual; Embed; SARS; Pre-emptive self defense

Red state, blue state, purple state; Flip-flopper; Phish; krunked

Truthiness; Katrina; Podcast; Sudoku

Plutoed; Macaca; YouTube; Lactard; waterboarding

Subprime; Facebook; Green- (prefix); Truther; Toe tapper

Bailout; Barack Obama; Change; maverick; Shovel ready; TWD (texting while driving); Bromance; Terrorist fist jab

Tweet; -er (suffix); Fail; Public option; H1N1; Death panel; Sexting

Here's to another ten years of ridiculous terms AD :)

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2 user comments

110.1.2010 2:18

I'm surprised it beat text. And I didn't quite understand how "green" was a popular word, but I guess they mean along with pro-environmental terms like "going green", since that seems to be what everything is about today...

MISUNDERESTIMATE! How the hell did that idiot get in for a second term? He shouldn't have even had a first!

210.1.2010 9:56

Marge Simpson thought it meant something else altogether.

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