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Sony to add Internet Video Link to PS3

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Jan 2010 2:21 User comments (6)

Sony to add Internet Video Link to PS3 Sony Electronics USA President Stan Glasgow has revealed that the PlayStation 3 will soon be getting support for the BRAVIA Internet Video Link streaming video service.
New Sony Bravia HDTVs currently are compatible with the service, and those with older sets can purchase an add-on module.

There is free content such as news, weather and sports, and movies and TV are provided through Amazon VOD and soon from the PSN.

No word was given on when the firmware upgrade would hit with the update.

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6 user comments

120.1.2010 4:53

I like this where can i find the add on. Is this coming to Australia???

220.1.2010 10:51

I am looking forward to this because I picked up a Bravia W5100 and PS3 slim for my Master bedroom during Black Friday and really use the OnDemand features within the TV quite a bit (ranging from Slacker to Netflix) and having these features on the 2 other TV's that have PS3's under them in other ares of my home is perfect.

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321.1.2010 11:32

Originally posted by borhan9:
I like this where can i find the add on. Is this coming to Australia???
That's very optimistic of you :D

421.1.2010 11:35

Knowing a few things about the internet down under.. it may well arrive.. but can anybody afford the bandwidth to use it?.. not to mention the lag and packet loss :)

521.1.2010 11:39

Just found this bit of info ~

Slingbox is coming to PS3

In an interview at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada with Leo Laporte The Tech Guy, Jay Tannenbaum of Slingbox mentioned that Slingbox will be headed towards the Sony PlayStation 3.

Slingbox is a technology that allows you stream and watch your home TV anywhere with an internet connection. Your own cable stations and content can be streamed on phones, laptops, and soon to the PS3.

This could be that solution for PS3 owners tired using their media hub and TVersity although these maybe already useful, a simple SlingBox media application could save some wires running throughout the house and for simple convenience.

SlingBox’s main goal is to bring their box and application to any hardware connected to the internet just like what Netflix is already trying to do. With Slingbox everything is free aside from the SlingBox and internet connection.

No word yet as to if Xbox 360 will be getting a SlingBox Media application.

621.1.2010 11:56

Now that sounds more like it.. I think that's a good idea rather than clogging up our internet with yet more tv broadcast advertising.

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