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Obama wants answers from China over cyberattacks

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Jan 2010 15:56 User comments (4)

Obama wants answers from China over cyberattacks President Barack Obama is looking for answers from China this week over the cyberattacks that hit Google earlier this month, coming from Chinese hackers looking to steal info on human rights activists.
"We are having high-level meetings and we will continue to have meetings and we will continue to press this issue aggressively," said State Department spokesman Philip Crowley. "We will continue to seek an explanation from China. A blanket denial that nothing happened we don't think is particularly helpful."

The administration is looking for at least some answers on the cyberattacks, which China has yet to give.

"As the president has said, he continues to be troubled by the cybersecurity breach that Google attributes to China," White House deputy spokesman Bill Burton noted. "As Secretary (Hillary) Clinton said yesterday, all we are looking for from China are some answers."

Clinton called on China to stop restricting the "free flow of information," and received a response from foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu: "We firmly oppose such words and deeds, which go against the facts and are harmful to China-US relations. We urge the United States to respect facts and stop using the so-called Internet freedom issue to criticize China unreasonably."

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4 user comments

124.1.2010 4:16

This is a great way for some of our elected officials to spend their time while the economy spirals out of control. I'm almost sure most Americans are worried about Chinese censorship right now, good job people!

224.1.2010 20:44

I dont actually believe Obama will say anything, it's all bullsh*t.
China does things it's own way, and wouldn't give a tin sh*t what the US wants. Unless it's a smaller or weaker nation, America doesn't try it's "our way or else" bullsh*t.

325.1.2010 4:06

this can be blown out like anything if the US is not careful. The answer as i have said before if Google does not get what they want and China does not compromise instead of effecting US China relations. Google can leave and let it be.

The other fact is that Google will not leave because China is a big piece of the pie for them to just get up and leave and not want a part of.
Tread carefully i would advise :)

428.1.2010 11:17

Maybe you do not know but Oprah and Google were his early big supporters. He would not have been elected if it weren't for Google. He is going to do more than he should.

It is crystal clear Obama is going to do what ever he wants. Last night he verbally attacked Clinton one the the best presidents the US has had in a century; just because he changed course when he figured he was going over the water falls. Obama has opened up the throttle all the way to go over the falls 'in style'. That is quite disturbing that such a powerful man be so out of touch with reality!

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