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Video Daily: Adobe Flash 10.1 limited to Android 2.1

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Feb 2010 13:09 User comments (8)

Video Daily: Adobe Flash 10.1 limited to Android 2.1 Adobe has announced today that Flash 10.1 will only work on Android smartphones running firmware 2.1 or later, a move that disappoints most Android phone owners out there, being that only one phone currently has 2.1, the Google Nexus One. Most Android phones still run firmware 1.5 or 1.6.
Additionally, the company has said browser plugins for Android, webOS and Windows Mobile will be available before June.

Adobe says that over 50 percent of all smartphones will have Flash support by 2012 and that most tablets will support it as well.

Of course, Apple users will probably never see Flash support, given the ongoing battle of words between the two companies.

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8 user comments

19.2.2010 16:32

Adobe need to show support for those devices out there now, not just the Google phone and any new ones.
Just got the HTC Magic at Version 1.6, so looks like it'll never support flash. It won't make me want to get another Android to get it, it will make me avoid them.

29.2.2010 19:17

That puts a dent on carApples devices...

310.2.2010 11:43

Originally posted by cyprusrom:
That puts a dent on carApples devices...

well it might but they dont care/dont think so themselves.
apples devices dont support flash because of theyre shitti policy that makes sure youre in bed with crapple and crapple only. and the other reason is that apple currently believes that flash is dying and HTML5 will take its place a few years from now.
what crapple failed to realize is that a few years is alot of time -they themselves release a new craphone every year so the fact that flash is needed everywhere NOW matters more than the possibility it MIGHT NOT be here in a few years..thats crapple for ya =]

411.2.2010 10:05

That’s why I can't wait to be rid of my iPhone, I pay large for this iPhone with 3 year contract and I can't use my iPhone to visit some sites because they need flash. Why pay $100 per month and not get to visit a large amount of sites because Apple is Greedy and can't work this problem out! So we suffer for it! Apple obviously thinks we are here for Apple they are not here to help or serve the consumer.

521.2.2010 2:51

Do me a favour and THING ABOUT IT! ... most older android devices will be upgraded to Android 2.1 firmware werry soon ... SO where is problem ?

621.2.2010 2:55

Not sure what "most" is included in your view, but certainly not all devices will see the 2.1 update. Some devices probably don't even have the hardware necessary to support the 2.1.

721.2.2010 3:35

oh my, youre no reading so much .... even first android ever - TMOBILE G1 - has its hardware ready to Android 2.1 ... HTC G1 and Hero will be upgraded THIS MONTH, Samsung Galaxy and Spica Q2/2010, Motorola anounces 2.1 upgrade to Droid/Milestone, and Acer Liquid too, ... yes even chinese tmobile pulse from huawei will be upgraded officialy ... so only one phone without good enought hardware is - Sciphone n19 - but you can expects anything from Sciphone, right ?

819.8.2010 14:31
Unverified new user

Originally posted by ge0rgecz:
Do me a favour and THING ABOUT IT! ... most older android devices will be upgraded to Android 2.1 firmware werry soon ... SO where is problem ?
I agree. My Motorola Cliq is going to get the 2.1 upgrade so I'm not worried. It works fine for me now. Think of it in the company's perspective 2.1 & 2.2 is the future why put resources into 1.5 & 1.6.

People get new phones every 1 to 2 years usually. It's not like computers where it's 3 to 5 years lol.

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