AfterDawn: Tech news taken down by authorities

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Feb 2010 2:00 User comments (7) taken down by authorities, the Russian-based torrent indexing site that serves 4 million users, has had its domain name suspended today, effectively taking down the site at its current location.
The large indexer, which has over 1 million active torrents, had the domain name suspended by RU-Center, the nation's largest registrar and web-host.

According to Andrey Vorobiev, Director of Public Relations (via TorrentFreak), "the domain was blocked on the orders of the Investigative Division of the regional prosecutor’s office in Chertanovskaya, Moscow, but could not disclose the reasons."

For now, the site is back up at, but it remains unseen whether that new domain will be taken down by the authorities as well.

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120.2.2010 3:13

In Soviet Russia, the party finds YOU!

221.2.2010 4:15

Don't quite understand your comment - makes no sense , if this was "Soviet" Russia with "The Party" , they would never have been able to open the site in the first place , would they ? I think you're stuck in the 1970s for some reason :)

321.2.2010 9:52

give em 48 hours to spread the word.. they could even use a .tk freebie for a stopgap. (waits for a chechyn based setup coming)

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425.2.2010 9:55

Move to Canada, land of the MPAA free ;)

525.2.2010 12:05

you mean the land of the free-loaders....

622.3.2010 1:05
Mihail Gorbachev
Unverified new user

No worries guys!
All staff and users moved to another site!
That's why it is a right time for you to party.

The athorities arrested an unexisting person.
It was the reason to close the site.

74.6.2010 3:03
Unverified new user

Originally posted by windsong:
In Soviet Russia, the party finds YOU!
ruskie filmy

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