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As expected, TVGorge is taken down

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Mar 2010 1:03 User comments (1)

As expected, TVGorge is taken down In early February we reported on the launch of international TV streaming site TVGorge, which claimed legal availability of 120 TV shows.
Gorge was an indexing service, which didn't host any of the material on its own servers, embedding or linking from other sites instead. Most agreed the service worked well, but most also agreed that there was little chance the site was legal.

This week, the site has been effectively taken down by the MPAA, which has ordered a cease-and-desist on behalf of the studios it represents.

"TVGorge has recently been advised to remove all of our indexed content,"
says TVGorge, via TF. "We understand content owners have a need to protect their content and we can only hope they take the initiative to provide easy access to all of their great TV shows at an international level. If anything, hopefully we have shown them that people are desperately looking for a place to watch their favorite TV shows."

For the time being, TVGorge has gone "legal," linking to authorized sources for all listed TV shows, taken down a majority of the content they had before.

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115.9.2010 2:37

I knew TVGorge was too good to be true!

The only truly reliable way to access US TV media is via VPN. I suggest

I just pay $55 a year and don't have to dick around with "Free" VPN solutions that are simply unreliable.

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