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Movie pirate 'maVen' sent to prison

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Mar 2010 0:50 User comments (11)

Movie pirate 'maVen' sent to prison One-time extremely popular release group pirate maVen (aka Geremi Adam), has been sentenced to 10 weeks in prison this week, after pleading guilty to distributing camera versions of two feature films.
maVen (Adam), the 27-year old Canadian resident, was for at least 2 years, the most popular release group for telesync releases, although in 2006, releases stopped coming, after the FBI began investigating the group.

In April 2006, Adam was arrested after recording "Invincible" at a theater in Montreal. Despite seizing his camera and laptop, Adam was released. One month later, Adam was arrested again, accused of selling his recorded movies for profit to other release groups or on the streets.

After the arrest, the FBI went as far as to call Adam the "world leader" in Internet piracy.

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11 user comments

118.3.2010 1:45

Wow, it looks like Canada actually has some respectable laws, at least compared to the U.S..

Well it sucks that he had to spend two-and-a-half months in prison the MPAA would like to see camming become a Felony which means you'd spend much more time in prison and loose all sorts of civil rights. Some guy who cammed TDK got a 2-year sentence because he did so here in America.

218.3.2010 13:17
DJ Blur
Unverified new user

Only 10 weeks in prison... that's laughable, really.

318.3.2010 13:34

With all the s&%# going on in the world the fbi is wasting time on this. What a joke this government of ours is.

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418.3.2010 17:14

+1 Sundance

518.3.2010 17:29

World leader in internet piracy???!!! that is classic retardation right there. And these people are government employees??!! LMAO.

619.3.2010 12:04

Originally posted by Andre "DVDBack23" Yoskowitz:
After the arrest, the FBI went as far as to call Adam the "world leader" in Internet piracy.
lol! thats sure gonna make Adam happy!

720.3.2010 18:47

Yah, while he was popular for a time, he certainly was not a World Leader in this. They always try to pump up the importance of their suspects like this, to make it look like they're the super kingpin of whatever crime they've commited.
I'm a member of the site maVen used for his releases and I used to chat with him often. I wish him the best and hope this doesn't totally screw up his future. While he always knew what he was doing was illegal, he never really thought of the consequences.

821.3.2010 6:44

I personally think it's retarded that peeps put such life changing risks for a stupid cam recorded copy. Either go to the movies, hope for a DVD_SCR / R5 or better yet wait a few months for a legit dvd rip. I do respect the editing that peeps like stuffies do to this crap however we are living in a high definition era.

---->Maven was definitely the cam king for quite awhile..

No time for Leap frog!!!

922.3.2010 12:31

Only if we could convince the FBI to go after Wall Street executives, just like they did on this poor schmuck. Wast of taxpayers money. By the way cam movies SUCK.

105.4.2010 14:51

Grmi Die yesterday evening.

I know him since his 15 yo.



117.4.2010 3:58

Originally posted by ZwiebyFred:
Grmi Die yesterday evening.

I know him since his 15 yo.


He's not dead is he??
or is that RIP a Rest in Prison!?

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