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Slyck threatened by ACS: Law

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Mar 2010 13:20 User comments (2)

Slyck threatened by ACS: Law While I will be linking to the full and comprehensive article Slyck has written on the matter, it appears that ACS:Law, the firm known for accusing game pirates in the UK has threatened to sue the file sharing information forum
The threat demands that Slyck remove three forum threads that exist for members to discuss their ongoing litigation with ACS: Law and just generally go over the current UK laws against alleged file sharers. The three forum threads have a total of 10,000 posts.

ACS: Law gave Slyck three days to take down the threads or face a lawsuit in the UK. However, because the site is based in the U.S. and is protected from defamation verdicts in other nations, they have refused to remove any content.

Slyck's article is very long but worth a read, especially if you are an in the UK: Wank Plan Goes Wrong: ACS:Law Threatens With a Lawsuit

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2 user comments

123.3.2010 5:41

lol, i think they call this the streisand effect dont they?

on another issue, why do i continually have to log in to afterdawn on every page now and whats with the annoying pop up at the top of the page "Site update - March 16th 2010" appearing continually even though i select close, pls sort it out afterdawn.

225.9.2010 14:15
Drew Cross
Unverified new user


ACS:Law has had a massive email leak which should put Andrew Crossley's anti-P2P extortion scam to bed once and for all.

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