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Nintendo announces '3DS' handheld

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Mar 2010 11:40 User comments (8)

Nintendo announces '3DS' handheld Nintendo has confirmed that they will be releasing a new handheld system in Japan in early 2011, with a full introduction coming at the E3 event in June.
The system is dubbed the 3DS and will "incorporate 3D technology" without the need for 3D-glasses. The system, as is standard with new Nintendo handhelds, will be backwards compatible with all DS and DSi software.

The DS and DSi have sold over 125 million units globally, and the company says the 3DS will be a successor to the DS, not just a minor revision.

Although there are little other details available about the system, we reported earlier this month on an obscure DSiWare game called Rittai Kakushi E Atta Koreda (3D Hidden Images: Found it!), which, by using the front facing camera, tracked the player's face and eyes and created a 3D effect, with the screen moving to create a sense of depth.

That video is here:

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8 user comments

123.3.2010 12:16

nto bad, but its not really 3d is it?

223.3.2010 14:08

Considering who is making the handheld system, it should be quite good. Since it is going to be backwards compatible with DS and DSi games, I will for sure be picking this up and yes, I do realize it's really early to state this.

324.3.2010 04:18

Ds fat, DS lite then right afterwards DSi ,less than 6 months later DSi LL w/e and now this..its like they think were idiots buying into fads..whats the point buying the "new DS family member" if nintendo simply farts up the next one less than a year later

424.3.2010 06:35

"nto bad, but its not really 3d is it?"
No, true 3D works when you are not moving your head. This is the same kind of "3D" that they used to sell Donkey Kong Country on the SNES...only with a camera added to the mix.

"Considering who is making the handheld system, it should be quite good"
I think you misread the is not being made by sony or microsoft, it is being made my nintendo. Do you remember Nintendo's last attempt at a portable 3D system? It was an incredible failure...and it had true 3D, not just eye tracking.

524.3.2010 09:55

lol i just noticed his comment.. "considering who is making the handheld it should be quite good"
thats the most ridiculous thing ive heard all week!
tell me what true contribution has nintendo made to the 3D market?

624.3.2010 22:59

You're seriously going to compare the Virtual Boy to the 3DS? Both of you are morons. I was just simply referring to the fact that Nintendo is simply making ANOTHER handheld system, not specifically basing the entire statement on it being a 3D system.


I completely disregarded the thought of it being 3D and identified who is making the handheld system (that being Nintendo). With their history of handhelds after the Virtual Boy, I'd say their chances are pretty high when it comes to good handheld console making. The 9 handheld consoles to come out after the Virtual Boy have not all had the same type of "failure" that the Virtual Boy had (they wern't necessarily "failures" to begin with).

Again, learn2distinguish

Now taking the 3D aspect of this into consideration, one may and will consider their failure that has happened several years ago with the Virtual Boy, which in it's own right was just a downright complete "red" eye strain. I had a friend that owned a Virtual Boy so I was one of the very many unlucky ones to experience what failure was the Virtual Boy. Without the use of any glasses and/or eyepiece, you may "safely" venture into the 3D world again considering their track record with handhelds (why not give it a shot?).

One more time, learn2distinguish.

So again, you just can't possibly compare the 3DS to the Virtual Boy.

725.3.2010 10:01

Originally posted by xblade132:
You're seriously going to compare the Virtual Boy to the 3DS? Both of you are morons.again, you just can't possibly compare the 3DS to the Virtual Boy.

excuse me? where in my post have i mentioned the virtual boy?
you sir need to "learn2distinguish" between 2 different people and 2 different posts
your assumtion that because nintendo is making it then its probably good is simply idiotic and a bit fanboyish.
nintendo isnt a perfect console maker (cough gamecube cough gameboy SP and yes , COUGH VIRTUAL BOY)
and you have yet to anwser my 2nd question
ill finish and with your catch phrase since you like it so much

825.3.2010 20:04

WTF is this "Learn2distinguish" crap? Hahaha. OK Obama. "Yes We Can!".

And you are saying you are going to get one no matter what? You haven't even seen a speck of real information on it. You have seen a demo of a DSi game. For all we REALLY know, it might not even be the same technology. If it was, then why release the 3DS at all? Why not just make the games for the DSi since it is already capable of this technology?

Having blind fanboy faith is a huge waste of money. I assume you have purchased every iteration of every handheld (and most likely home) console that nintendo has ever made (with exception of you being one of the very many unlcky ones that only experienced the Virtual boy but not actually owned one. So at least you saved a few bucks on that one.

And although we all understand it is your opinion that Nintendo is the althmighty of the video game world, there are others that are always going to rag on you for saying things like "considering who is making this, it will be fantastic", no matter what system you are plugging.

I mean, if you ask me, the Wii is a complete waste of time and money, let alone some of their handhelds. But hey, that is my opinion.

Anyway, I don't mean to rag on you except your seemingly blind faith fanboyism and your absolutely stupid "learn2distiguish" catchphrase.

I am hoping the 3DS will be awesome. But I am sick of these seemingly every other month releases of a "New" DS. Nintendo needs to stop wasting peoples money, stop pulling systems out their anus, and then pull their heads out and catch up with the rest of the next gen world of gaming.

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