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DSi XL owners cannot transfer pruchased DSiWare games

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Mar 2010 18:45 User comments (6)

DSi XL owners cannot transfer pruchased DSiWare games The DSi XL handheld goes on sale in North America tomorrow, but there appears to be one hitch for current DSi owners that are thinking of making the change to the larger-screened new addition to the handheld market.
DSiWare games, downloadable games that cost anywhere from $0.99 to $20, will not be available for instant transfer to the XL, even if you already purchased the games for your DSi.

Says Kotaku: As of now, a spokesperson for Nintendo confirmed to Kotaku, the gaming giant offers its consumers no ability to transfer their purchases from one DSi to the bigger screen XL. But the rep did give a sign that a change in policy could be coming: "We're looking into that specific topic, but we don't have anything to announce at this time."

The problem stems from the fact that Nintendo does not have a sustainable account (such as XBL, or PSN) where user's purchases are listed and are available for download again as long as you are signed in your own account.

The XL will cost $199 USD and has screens 93 percent larger than the DSi.

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6 user comments

128.3.2010 19:55

nintendo cant be that dumb..announcing 3DS crapware before they even start to sel the current XL crapware..but then again ..they did make about 4 of these already ..figures

229.3.2010 4:32

this is the problem with downloaded DRM'ed digital content, they dictate what we can do with it and we all know what the large companies think of time shifting & format shifting.

someone infamously stated on behalf of their company, that making a copy
"ie moving it to another device" is stealing.

329.3.2010 10:54

You actually do have a sustainable account with Nintendo. Club Nintendo. But they would rather their customers double dip.

429.3.2010 12:24

"We're looking into that specific topic, but we don't have anything to announce at this time."
Nintendo has proven to me time and time again how stupid they are. "That specific topic" should have been planned before this device left the drawing board. They have idiots running the show.

530.3.2010 20:46
Captain Red
Unverified new user

The jokes on them.

I emulate all of their shit anyway!
(even if I had money, I wouldn't buy a crappy DS/i/x/3d or whatever)

65.4.2010 12:27

Same ridiculousness as the PSP Go!

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