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New York Times ups price of e-subscriptions

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Apr 2010 21:20 User comments (3)

New York Times ups price of e-subscriptions The New York Times has upped the price of its e-subscription packages, jacking up the price to $20 per month from $15 for e-edition and Kindle subscribers. The e-edition of the paper available to iPad users will cost $20, as well.
Current users will get to keep their current prices until October 2nd, while any new subscribers will have to pay the new prices starting this week.

It is unclear how many users will pay the extra money to have the specially produced versions of the sites instead of just using the free version of the site available online, but most analysts expect that number will not be high.

Most consumers are smart enough to know the price of delivering an e-product is a lot cheaper than the print counterpart, but at $20 per month, the price difference is not very significant.

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3 user comments

14.4.2010 22:21
Unverified new user

Let me get this straight, in order for those device to get news they need to have internet access. But if you have internet access couldn't you could just get the news for free online. Who would in their right mind paid for those. What even worse is that the company have the nerve to increase their price for something that is free. Shame on them.

25.4.2010 0:26

Typical, get users who have it emailed to them, get enough, then jack the price up. The consumers may decide to cancel, and just use the free version, until that incurs a charge, then watch people switch to another service for news. (Unless they're lazy, then they will continue with paying more.)

35.4.2010 13:08

No matter what, you will always get the suckers who will pay into this nonsense.

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