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Nero Burning ROM 10 released, bundled

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 12 Apr 2010 10:49 User comments (5)

Nero Burning ROM 10 released, bundled The popular burning software Nero Burning ROM has been updated to version 10. The new version is now available in a bundle with Nero Vision Xtra and Nero BackItUp & Burn. The software package containing the trio is called Nero Multimedia Suite 10.
The bundle makes the software even more compelling and comprehensive with video editing and authoring software Vision Xtra and backup tool BackItUp & Burn. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 is available for a free 15-day trial from our software section. Currently there is no option for downloading the trial versions of the new programs separately.

Unfortunately Nero hasn't released the changelogs so we don't know what kind of updates or new features the Nero Multimedia Suite 10 offers. However, if you want to try it out click the link below.

Download Nero Multimedia Suite 10

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5 user comments

112.4.2010 11:30

So is this a bloated incoherent mess like 9 and 8?

212.4.2010 14:00

Originally posted by ZippyDSM:
So is this a bloated incoherent mess like 9 and 8?
Good question, nero 7 is the best in my eyes and it what I used on my pc.
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312.4.2010 16:21

Nero 10 already ?, version 9 hasn't been out that long, surely..

Ah well, is still fine here, though even that is hardly used compared to imgburn (free)..

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413.4.2010 14:19

Well i waited... used Nero 7 for along time, upgrading to Windows 7 64Bit give me constant errors with Nero 7, so i bit the bullet an upgraded to Nero 10...
And am pleasently surprised, its great!
Most of the crap like Nero Scout is finally gone!
Showtime has been intergrated with vision which was a nice move, and so far ave no need to install codecs, it has played everything ave thrown at it.
Nero Media Hub, plays your movies music photos etc, the indexer is still there, but as you all know it can be turned off in services.
I think Wave Editor and Soundtrax should be incorporated into the one program.
So far its shaping up nicely! ;-D

529.4.2010 12:44
Unverified new user

If you were contemplating purchasing this soley for the gpu accelerated function of nero xtra please read the following list of problems I have encountered thus far

Nero Vision Extra Issues

Error when using cuda with ps3 profile (when avc profile is used, no error)

Ps3 Profile settings for quality bitrate is stuck at 256 kbit/s when moving slider, and never displays actual change when moving slider

If moving the quality bitrate slider in ps3 profile to top level (256 kbit/s shown in settings) after finishing selection, the final “output file” information displays 100 kbit/s and at the lowest level will show 10 Kbit/s, even though the slider shows no change in the actual settings menu

Lc-aac 5.1 audio is stuck at 77kbs, not acceptable for this type of audio ( he-aac comes out at 73 kbs which is in the acceptable range)

All settings and profiles that do actually work are encoded as a file saved with .0001 at the end which is unrecognizable for ps3 and probably a lot of other forms of players ( If only the avchd encoding with dolby digital was recognizable by my ps3 )

Avc profile has a functioning quality bitrate slider, but when choosing to opt for the target file size the “out file” information shows 256 kbit/s and it encodes at that bitrate as well , regardless of the targeted file size inputted.

Contact with nero support is usless.

Stick with mediacoder, nero 9 would burn blu-ray disks but had no feature to play blu-ray content and they never addressed that issue, I'm almost certain none of these issues will be addressed either in nero 10 most importantly the fact that lc-aac audio is stuck at 77 kbps

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