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Video Daily: RIM BlackBerry OS 6 in action

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Apr 2010 12:27 User comments (3)

Video Daily: RIM BlackBerry OS 6 in action Research In Motion has shown off their upcoming BlackBerry OS 6 today, which improves on most of the past OS features, with much improved touch support.
Th new browser has tab switching, favorites, multi-touch, using WebKit. The tabs have transparent overlay.

There is an updated media player, one that looks much more like the cover-flow used by Apple in the iPhone.

BGR adds: "RIM has finally implemented system-wide kinetic scrolling with rubberbanding. This makes the experience a bit more fluid when scrolling through lists, web pages, emails, and the like. There is also multitouch system-wide, from the web browser to the photos application, and yes, pinch to zoom is in there."

Overall, the OS looks more modern, with the messaging/email inbox's looking much cleaner and updated. Thumbnails are larger and clearer so users can see where the messages they are receiving originated from (Twitter, email, text, Facebook, etc)

The Home screen is also now completely customizable, with different homescreens allowing for apps, pages, favorites. There does not appear to be widget support, however.

There is also now Gesture use, which BGR explains after testing the OS: "If you tap and hold (obviously a touchscreen device is required), you’ll get a 9 icon group centered on the screen which is basically a pretty context menu. For instance, you could be composing an email, and instead of pressing Menu + Send, you could tap and hold on the email, see the popup window, and hit the send icon there. Another use would be when emailing photos or videos from your device, just tap and hold on an item there, see the popup, and then just send the item."

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3 user comments

127.4.2010 16:40

hmm im not that well informed or even following Rims they have flash built in?

227.4.2010 16:53

Originally posted by Josipher:
hmm im not that well informed or even following Rims they have flash built in?
No but announced, probably after Android gets it.

328.4.2010 5:00

HA HA is it just me or does OS 6 looke like:

Someone took WM6.1, added on an android button skinning system with a splash of ibone.

Seriously Crack Berry if thats os6 you had better all start looking for new jobs as i cant see it competing with last years incarnation of mobile OS from the other players let alone this years coming offers.

Ok crackberry has a good fan base, but its not like it was in the good old days, the sheeple are now starting to wake up and realise you can do email on devices that dont say blackberry and done have to put up with crackberries stupid let me man in your middle all your email system.

Its just a matter of time guys face it, if Win7Phone, Android and The Ibone done manage to kill you off on their own the combination of all 3 are going to eventually whittle to much market share to make it profitable anymore. Face it your only alive at the moment cus your shafting people to use thing like black berry exchange and service layers you invented that are not really required.

Oh and one last thing, it should really say in that video that it doesnt realistically depict the true speed of navigation, its an OS demo. I cant belive they can make OS6 run as smooth as that on any of their current line up.

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