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Motorola buys OS maker Azingo

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 07 May 2010 1:10 User comments (3)

Motorola buys OS maker Azingo Just weeks after Motorola Co-CEO Greg Brown said the company was going to start making acquisitions and return to growth after years of lagging, it appears the mobile phone maker has purchased mobile OS maker Azingo.
The acquisition was spotted through a LinkedIn profile and the company makes an OS called Azingo Mobile 2.0, which is based on a Linux variant.

Although you have probably never heard of Azingo (I know I hadn't), the OS has a Webkit-based browser, runtime, Flash runtime and full developer tools.

The move is backed by comments by Co-CEO Sanjay Jha, who said recently that the company was looking into owning and running their own operating system: "Ive always felt that owning your OS is important, provided you have an ecosystem, you have all the services and you have an ability and the scale to execute on keeping that OS at the leading edge. And I continue to believe that at some point, if we have all of those attributes, that owning our own OS will be a very important thing."

While it is unclear if Motorola will drop Android support fully for Azingo, it appears it will at least be integrated into the next update of MotoBLUR.

Pic, story via AndroidandMe:

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3 user comments

17.5.2010 03:03

Android is bad enough (being owned by google)...why do we need another owned linux variant? Can't we just have an open phone OS?

210.5.2010 15:59

All of Motorolas non android mobile phones are totally crap. They should stop trying to create an own software. Others are better.

313.5.2010 11:50
Top secret
Unverified new user

Surprised that media is so poor in getting this news. Motorola acquired just human resources and the technology of Azingo in the last week of March. Poor VC (Garnett and helfrich) is been duped that Azingo is in losses, promoters declared the company as bankrupt and just sold human resources. Who made money? Obviously promoters of Azingo. All Azingo employees were fired and were given fresh offers by Motorola. Foolish Motorola believes that they can do wonders with Azingo's platform which infact has lot of bugs when I mean lot then I mean tonnes. Performance issues, bugs junk resources I believe Azingo had a good deal by getting acquired by Mot and Mot, god save Mot they would probably look for a top position from bottom.

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