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Microsoft Office 2010 now available

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 May 2010 14:57 User comments (8)

Microsoft Office 2010 now available Microsoft has announced that the Office 2010 suite, the latest in the long line of the popular word processing bundle, is now available online and in stores.
New to the 2010 version is the addition of Office Web apps, which are free for consumers to use online, allowing for saved files in the cloud as well as collaboration and sharing.

Says Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft's business division: "Along with Office 2010, Microsoft also released the SharePoint 2010 collaboration suite. Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 define the future of productivity. With the 2010 set of products, organizations will save, innovate, and grow as their people benefit from working across the PC, phone, and browser."

Additionally to the Web apps are new broadcast capabilities for PowerPoint, auto-preview for Word and "Sparklines" for Excel which can "generate trend visualization graphics."

Microsoft has been actively promoting the Web apps as it competes with Google for cloud-based word processing. Google Docs is actively used by millions of users.

The physical version of Office 2010 Pro costs $500 and the download-only costs $350. The other versions are significantly cheaper, but still decently expensive, with the Home and Business versions costing $280 and $200 (physical; download only) and the Student version costing $149 and $119.

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8 user comments

112.5.2010 18:11

About time I can stop using the bate version and download the Retail version of it from TechNet plus

212.5.2010 18:31

Overpriced as usual. The cloud business is only due to Google taking a chunk of their market share.

312.5.2010 20:07

Student version, $149. It's too bad schools don't just use OpenOffice.

412.5.2010 20:25

yawn.. open office still free and better.. supports REAL industry standards and doesn't self destruct your documents and databases every 3 years..

you don't even need to install it.. I use oo on a stick at work every day.. because I make docs/presentations on linux at home and at work there are both xp and fista junkers which can't share the same M$ office made documents.. so I get the lovely duty of opening up the proprietary crap and saving it with oo so it can be used on the M$ machines..

just because schools are tied in by M$ trickery doesn't mean the students have to use M$ rubbish.. OO will produce things which will work on ALL versions of M$ office.. unlike M$ office.. hahahahaha

best advert for NEVER buying M$ office.. the new one won't open docs from the last one.. and vice versa..

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512.5.2010 23:52

Yeah...I can't imagine why anyone who had ever tried openoffice would want MS office...unless they were just so dense that they could not learn anything new, in which case office 2010 would be a bad option too.

BTW...while office 2010 is junk, I believe it will at least open old office might even be able to save to the old format if you select the format when you save.

613.5.2010 14:36

How did MS further ruin it THIS time?

713.5.2010 20:31

Originally posted by bomber991:
Student version, $149. It's too bad schools don't just use OpenOffice.
Schools get MS Office for much cheaper than that. Office standard for like $25/license and free take home work rights for staff.

If we wanted to have an office Suite with the power of MS Office 97 we would have never upgraded. Not to mention that we have to teach our students with the tools and software they will be using in the real world and colleges and businesses use MS Office.

817.5.2010 17:47

I totally agree with bobiroc, we had OpenOffice for a while along with MS Office in one lab, but now the entire school is getting MS Office. OpenOffice is has disapeared completely, simply because we are taught in Business class with MS Office. Yeah it is over priced, but the UI and the capabilities are better.

Just my opinion. I understand your preferences

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