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Legendary Pictures to make 'Mass Effect' film

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 May 2010 0:25 User comments (14)

Legendary Pictures to make 'Mass Effect' film According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Pictures has bought the rights to create a Mass Effect movie, based on the popular EA-Bioware video game on the Xbox 360.
In talks to write the movie is Mark Protosevich, the man behind the blockbuster I Am Legend, and the movie will be produced by Avi and Ari Arad, or Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni of Legendary.

Mass Effect was released in 2008, and its sequel was just released in 2010. The science fiction game follows a human soldier and his starship in the future, and features many different alien species on a variety of foreign planets.

Avi Arad is the former chairman of Marvel Studios, and is currently developing a film based on the video game "Drake's Fortune."

Says Tull of the game, and subsequent movie: "[Mass Effect] has depth, compelling characters and an engaging back story."

Warner Bros. will distribute the film, which appears to have a 2012 release date.

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14 user comments

126.5.2010 0:48

I like this guy Mark Protosevich quite a talent. I just hope for the life of us "Legendary Pictures" don't make an a*se of this movie. just make this flick right. i'm sure they will hopefully.

226.5.2010 1:22

Just don't let Uwe Boll near it.

326.5.2010 4:18

Video games don't translate well to movies, or vice-versa...these publishers need to realize that video game plots are designed to be interactive, and get most of their entertainment value from the interaction...while movies (and books) are designed to be enjoyable without interaction.

The only way to get around this rule is to put your heroin in a little wet torn dress, and spend 3/4 of the movie on low shots of her butt...and that works with any terrible plot, regardless of source. Oh, and hide a shot of her muff somewhere on the BluRay to drive sales.

426.5.2010 6:44

I dunno this has potential, the story is great ideal for a film, however alot about the game is being able to decide most things, so it would be intresting to see which path Shepard takes, maybe just few renagade and a few pathogen... who knows, but people shouldn't count a film as not worth seeing when it's not even started to be made yet

526.5.2010 7:02

Let me guess, they're looking at Sam Worthington as the lead. He's cast in every other summer blockbuster anyway.

626.5.2010 10:19

I never get excited about movies based on video games or vice versa. The end product is always something of a disappoint.

726.5.2010 10:31

Originally posted by Footie979:
Let me guess, they're looking at Sam Worthington as the lead. He's cast in every other summer blockbuster anyway.
This is hilarious... He would decently suit the role.. I wouldn't strike this idea out. Lol

826.5.2010 15:30

I feel like Geraurd Butler is in every movie under the sun. Cast him.

926.5.2010 16:34

Samuel L. Jackson is going to be commander shepard. Mark my words.

1026.5.2010 17:19

Originally posted by andmill11:
Samuel L. Jackson is going to be commander shepard. Mark my words.

I think David keith will play himself as captain anderson.and Jon Cena as shepard.

1126.5.2010 22:27

the Rock or Bruce. i can see this turning into a doom

1226.5.2010 23:26

IDK...I always thought he looked like Vin know...the facial features move, but any emotion is misplaced and overused...just like watching Vin Diesel in a movie.

Oh, there is one good video game movie, Postal...but only because it is intended to be a comedy. If you played the game, you have to see the movie. If you have not played the game, you will still be laughing by the time the opening credits roll.

1329.5.2010 15:38

I live in hope that it will be as epic as the games.

141.6.2010 11:22

Probably the best video game movie I can remember seeing was the Silent Hill movie. The Resident Evil movies were at least watchable.

Man...I can't even defend the Uwe Boll movies if his work is all like Alone in the Dark...

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