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O2 to end unlimited data plans for iPhone customers, as well

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Jun 2010 13:07 User comments (7)

O2 to end unlimited data plans for iPhone customers, as well Just like AT&T is doing in the United States, O2 has announced it will be ending its unlimited data plans before the launch of the Apple iPhone 4, as well.
O2 says that 97 percent of users will not "notice the difference" and will actually save money. The carrier also says that there are really only 2000 or so subscribers on their network that use "extraordinarily" high amounts of bandwidth every month.

Going even further, O2 says 1 percent of its smartphone users use a whopping 36 percent of all mobile data traffic, and that those users are mainly iPhone owners.

Instead of unlimited, users can now buy 500MB, 750MB or 1GB data packages, each of which includes unlimited Wi-Fi time via The Cloud and BT's OpenZone services.

Just like with AT&T, anybody currently with an iPhone contract can still use unlimited bandwidth until the end of their contract but new users will not be as lucky.

Anybody afraid of going over the bandwidth they purchase can check their data consumption on the O2 site.

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7 user comments

110.6.2010 16:21

just like virginmedia they offer a service and moan when people use it

and what about the majority of users who use nowhere near 500mb a month will they get a discount? I think not, will unused data rollover? again I think not

210.6.2010 17:53

These greedy bastards can't think of enough ways to get their claws in our pockets. God help us if they ever get round to providing a decent 3g coverage and we are able to download anything worthwhile. Tonight I was in town (no 3g coverage)and when I checked my usage it was 20mb,(emails, 2 app updades and browsing this web site)seems like fair usage to me. If you multiply that by 28 days in the month it equals 560mb. So add on the cost of 3.00 per mb over the alotted 500 mb and I have an extra 180 per month to pay. KILL THE BASTARDS ......No just eat them! It should also be pointed out that I was going to upgrade my phone and get another for my 18 yr old son's 18th birthday. There is no way i'm letting an 18yr old loose with that tarrif.

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310.6.2010 20:40

So iPhone 4g can be called iPhone 0.5G per month. FAIL.

410.6.2010 23:05

Originally posted by Frogfart:
So iPhone 4g can be called iPhone 0.5G per month. FAIL.
No, Apple would rather call it the iPhone 6G (per year)

511.6.2010 2:47

well its not being called the 4G frog, but yeah, your sentiments are spot on.

i hope my rolling 30 day contract isnt affected by this.

612.6.2010 6:02

Well that makes it easy for me next time O2, i rearly use the internet on my phone, but in a few cases ive had to use it when ive moved and didnt have cable yet.

Ok i probably hit 5 - 6 GB a couple of times when i did, but the rest of the time all i used it for was email.

I would rather pay a standing charge of 7.50 for an unimited bolt on and be able to use it when i need, instead of O2 still trying to get 7.50 out of me for it and just giving me 1 gb and then charging me like a tool when it goes over.

GET LOST O2, just because your 3G network is underpowered and you want to make more money of 3G USB dongles for the PC's and Laptps like all the other boys in the yard. The only way you can do it is to upset all the rest of the customer base that uses the internet... FORGET IT.

Well come renewal time, i will just vote with my feet.

AS a side note, the unlimited package maybe back by the time i renew, as i have a feeling they will just get the phone and tie all the fan boys into some rediculouse data contract because thats the only way they could get the phone. Soon as they are all signed they may switch it back to keep everyone happy, after the apple fan boys can pay extortinate data charges and pay towards improving the network.

719.6.2010 19:05

Ha major fail! I always go to England every year and I have always been impressed by all the different cell phone carries and the amount of stuff you get for you cash. They realt do get bang for their buck over there. This is a big step backwards! I always used an iPhone when I go there with a prepaid O2 sim, paid $7 for unlimted internet for a month. This was a major deciding factor in choosing O2 for me. There is so much competition there it's unbelievable. Why on earth would they take a step backwards with their customers is beyond me. PLEASE stop copying USAs bad business practices! It's bad enough I put up with it here in the US but now when I travel too! Lol
and I'm always complaining why we can't be more like Englands networks. Ha guess that will come to an end soon.

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