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Goatse Security hacker arrested on drug charges

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Jun 2010 14:57 User comments (6)

Goatse Security hacker arrested on drug charges A lead hacker for Goatse Security, the group now notorious for posting 114,000 email addresses of iPad owners after exploiting the AT&T website, has been arrested today, charged with felony drug possession.
Andrew "Escher" Auernheimer, 24, of Arkansas, was arrested after the FBI searched his home, although it is unclear whether the warrant is in connection with the recent hacking episode.

Escher now faces four felony charges of "possession of a controlled substance" as he was found with LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and other over-the-counter drugs.

The hacker was arrested once before in March for giving a false name to police after he was pulled over.

Earlier in the week, the same group exposed another security hole in the iPad, using the same ICC-IDs given out by using a script on the AT&T Website and determining the locations of iPad owners.

Additionally, the group says an unpatched Safari browser exploit will allow for targeted attacks on iPads.

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6 user comments

116.6.2010 23:16

If you are going to put yourself in the public light, DON'T FILL YOUR HOUSE WILL ILLEGAL DRUGS!

217.6.2010 1:15

If they cannot get you for something real and you make fun of their "buddies", they'll make dope "grow" in your home overnight...

317.6.2010 4:25

Yeah...but look at the guy; the only surprise of the drugs found was a lack of marijuana.

417.6.2010 14:16

I look at that photo and the words "ugly disgusting smelly hippy twat" spring to mind for some reason - strange, can't explain why .

517.6.2010 21:46

How the #ell do you hack on acid???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also agree w/ both of KillerBugs comments.

621.6.2010 5:28

At least Goatse is all preped for prison life.

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