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Indonesian communications minister wants Internet blacklist

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Jun 2010 11:05 User comments (8)

Indonesian communications minister wants Internet blacklist Indonesian communications minister Tifatul Sembiring, chief of the Islamic Prosperous Justice Party, is calling for an Internet blacklist to be enforced in the country to "save the young." Sembiring highlights the recent shockwaves through Indonesia caused by the distribution of homemade sex videos involving three popular celebrities in the country.
Sembiring has vowed to draft a new decree with lawmakers after an earlier proposal of a blacklist was shelved due to opposition. "The porn video 'allegedly' consisting of three artists ... has insulted the nation's constitution and Pancasila," he said, referring to the founding national philosophy that enshrines belief in the "one and only God."

"Our teachings have been tainted by the release of these videos," he added. The minister cited a survey conducted in 2007 which claimed 97 percent of Indonesian high school students had watched pornographic content online.

Now Sembiring wants a special task force to maintain a blacklist for the electronic filtering of the web of offensive material. "There will be a team to observe whether a website contains points from the blacklist. The team will assess whether such websites truly contain pornographic material," Sembiring said. "If it does, we'll ask the website to delete the points included in the list, but we won't ban the whole website."

Sembiring apparently also implied a link between HIV/AIDS and Internet pornography, before questioning whether the $19.6 million the country spends fighting the deadly illness could be "better spent" elsewhere.

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8 user comments

117.6.2010 11:15

LOL how the hell can anyone link porn to aids? Some people from these countries with an extreme religious background are just incredibly stupid

217.6.2010 11:43

Yeah mixing church and state never turns out good. Except for the morons running the they get all the porn they want!

418.6.2010 3:13

I see a lot more Young ones, blowing them selves up.

518.6.2010 4:46

Crazy religion = Crazy Country

618.6.2010 5:37

"Crazy Religion" is an oxymoron. You could just say "religion" and it would mean the same thing.

Anyone find it odd that the people who claim to be religious spend more time looking for the devil than they do looking for god? Even stranger, it appears that they will create an organization with the expressed goal of searching for and watching pornography...something tells me they will have a lot of sticky keyboards.

724.6.2010 10:58

Originally posted by KillerBug:
"Crazy Religion" is an oxymoron. You could just say "religion" and it would mean the same thing.
Yes, faith is the practice of believing the unbelievable otherwise religion would be science.

824.6.2010 11:51

It sounds like something from the Middle Ages. Where DO these people get their backward-looking ways? You would think that they could find more worthwhile uses for their scant resources.

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