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Sony announces PS3 surround sound system

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Jun 2010 20:38 User comments (4)

Sony announces PS3 surround sound system Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has announced that it will release an "all-in-one" surround sound system for the PlayStation 3 (SP3) console. The surround sound system consists of just one central speaker, with the subwoofer built in.
The system will be released in fall 2010 in North America, Europe (and other PAL territories) and Japan for US$199, 199 and 19,800 yen, respectively.

The system uses Sony's S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound, generates rich realistic surround sound over just one front speaker. Bringing in SCE's expertise in both entertainment and technology acquired from developing games, four sound fields of the speaker system have been designed with the help of SCE's expert game sound designers, to optimize the cinematic experience of all forms of entertainment.

The system features two audio inputs; an optic audio input for connecting the PlayStation 3 and an analogue input for other sources, including Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP).

The form factor of the system features a sleek and casual design that matches perfectly with the PS3 system.

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4 user comments

116.6.2010 21:27

Hell, for the same price I can get a bare-bones Sony HTIB and get 5.1 surround right out of the box, never mind this tinny four tweeters w/built-in sub crap. Even better, I can get an Onkyo with a few hundred dollars more that would blow this out of the water. For simplicity, this is ok, but for mind-blowing sound, hell no! I like to have my games heard, damn it!!

216.6.2010 23:12

I have something like that...but I call it a "center channel".

317.6.2010 4:50
short stuff
Unverified new user

it called setup your own Sensurround sound system its probably 10 times better. i myself have b and w speakers.with a veledyne sub

418.6.2010 12:04

I won't knock it till i hear it. But as a general rule "sound Bars" never sound that great. And without a proper powered sub attached are generally as tinny or worse than the speakers already on a tv. I'll wait to hear it first but i have my doubts that a sub "inside" the bar will be sufficient.

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