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$199 slim Xbox 360 confirmed for 'fall'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Jun 2010 10:57 User comments (5)

$199 slim Xbox 360 confirmed for 'fall' Kotaku, after seeing an internal marketing Q&A with Microsoft can confirm that the new, second slim Xbox 360, priced at $199 USD, will be available this 'fall.'
Additionally, Microsoft confirms Kinect as a standalone product and also as part of a bundle "with the newly designed Xbox 360 console."

Microsoft would not confirm pricing on the bundle, saying: "We have no additional details about pricing or retail strategy to share at this time."

GameStop, the largest video game retailer in the U.S. has posted the Kinect bundles at $299 (for the Arcade model) and $399 (for the Elite bundle) but those prices are still subject to change.

It is still unclear what will be stripped down in the $199 version, as the $299 model announced at E3 will have a 250GB HDD and built in wireless capabilities, including 802.11n support, the "fastest Wi-Fi in any console."

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5 user comments

120.6.2010 23:08

man da thing is ugly.

220.6.2010 23:44
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320.6.2010 23:50
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Originally posted by biglo30:
man da thing is ugly.
you are ugly

421.6.2010 00:08
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I totally read that as "fail"

521.6.2010 08:46

I think the big story is the prices we are starting to see on the old arcades...I picked up the 2010 spring bundle Friday at Target for $130 and recieved a $50 gift card! Not bad considering the arcade alone was $199 not too long ago. Of course this is only the beggining of the dumping of the old style consoles. As there is little incentive to buy the new one, it's gonna be a great time to pick up a second unit to play online with so you can jtag your old one or something...not that I would suggest anyone do such a

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