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Early Adobe AIR for Android leaked

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Jul 2010 13:55

Early Adobe AIR for Android leaked Droid-Life has gotten an early build of Adobe AIR for Android, along with some early apps that can be used with it, and posted it to their site.
AIR allows developers to create applications or tools that can then be used on multiple operating systems.

Explains Adobe: "Adobe Air will let you publish ActionScript 3 projects to run as native applications (.apk) for the Android OS. These AIR applications can be delivered to Android devices through Android application stores such as the Android Market.

Developers can write new code or reuse existing web content to build AIR applications for the Android OS. Because the source code and assets are reusable across the Flash Platform runtimes, Adobe AIR and Flash Player, it also gives developers a way to more easily target other mobile and desktop environments."

Download it here: Adobe AIR for Android

You can try a few apps for AIR here: Droid-Life

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