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Apple will hold iPhone 4 press conference tomorrow

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Jul 2010 3:20 User comments (9)

Apple will hold iPhone 4 press conference tomorrow Apple has announced that it will hold a surprise press conference on Friday to address antenna issues with the iPhone 4 handset. The issue has plagued the iPhone 4 launch, which originally looked like a complete success. Whilst features like its display and video recording quality have received considerable praise, the antenna issue has been a thorn in Apple's side and a threat to its sales.
Apple spokesman Steve Dowling made the announcement late on Wednesday. The press conference will be held at 10am on Friday at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. He declined to give any details about how Apple plans to address the problem. The company is facing at least three lawsuits related to the issue, which causes signal loss when the device is held in a certain way.

After appearing to dismiss or ignore the problem, the company has only caused itself more public relations damage, turning a possibly minor issue into global headline news. Analysts don't expect Apple to announce a full recall, but urge the company to at least offer free iPhone cases that will fix the antenna issues or find another way to make the problem go away for end users.

The company sold 1.7 million iPhone 4 models in the first three days of availability, but concerns of the signal reception of the handset arose early and only became more prominent. Apple at one point issued a statement blaming the signal loss on a software glitch that misreported signal strength.

Consumer Reports announced on Monday that it would not give its recommendation for the iPhone 4 due to the antenna issue, whilst still giving it top marks for other features. The influential publication indicated that it will only recommend the iPhone 4 model when Apple provides users with a free and permanent fix for the problem.

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9 user comments

115.7.2010 12:58

Apple is holding a press conference on Friday, but will they hold it the right way?

215.7.2010 13:11

Originally posted by hoddey:
Apple is holding a press conference on Friday, but will they hold it the right way?

315.7.2010 13:32

maybe theyll annouce Iphone 4-lefties :)

415.7.2010 14:30

Originally posted by hoddey:
Apple is holding a press conference on Friday, but will they hold it the right way?
Nice one, made me fall off the chair (and i don't waste money on Apple stuff so i can fall any which way!)

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515.7.2010 18:40

Lol, for once Apple has really shown to the consumers what an a$$hole company they are. No more covering up.

I can picture Turtleneck Jobs tomorrow.
The spot lights slowly turn on, smoke covers the floor, and Steve rises up from the ramp while sh**y hiphop music plays in the background, "Introducing the iPhone 4.1, the same old flawed and crappy design, lack of features and overpriced price tag, NOW with a mediocre antenna. Oh, and you MUST buy a case for this to work. Did I mention a 3-year contract with one of the worst phone companies too?"

Honestly though, I don't feel sorry at all for the idiots that bought this phone. For once, karma has screwed these people over for always paying a premium just for a logo.

615.7.2010 19:01

Maybe Apple has found a way to carry the phone around your ear by using an elastic rubber band to cover the antenna.. Then you can look hip, using a hip device!

716.7.2010 0:06

Originally posted by hoddey:
Apple is holding a press conference on Friday, but will they hold it the right way?

ok that was classic, I can't even think of a comment because you nailled it on the head, the right way.

816.7.2010 2:04
Zealous Development
Unverified new user

I am sure Google has a seat reserved in the front row with a bucket of pop corn. hahahahahahaha

916.7.2010 11:03

To say that they will offer a free case for the phone is least of their worries. Zealous is right, front-row seats for Google and every non-Apple phone company with popcorn complementary of course. This out to interesting.

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