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Boxee Box ready for mass production

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Jul 2010 2:24 User comments (9)

Boxee Box ready for mass production Boxee CPO Zach Klein has released a video today showing off a production model of the highly anticipated Boxee Box.
The video implies that Boxee will begin mass production on the box now, with a release date not too far in the future.

Boxee's "sinking box" design is still intact, but it has been given a slightly more refined look and a more fingerprint-resistant finish.

The Box is a media hub, as well as a set-top box, whose primary purpose is to stream music, photos and video from within a local network or use streaming services such as Pandora and video sites.

Boxee Box uses a fast NVIDIA Tegra chipset, which will allow for 1080p video playback and hardware-accelerated Flash 10.1.

The hardware is expected to sell for $180.

The first Boxee Box arrived from the D-Link Factory from Zach Klein on Vimeo.

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9 user comments

118.7.2010 11:10

I honestly don't see what all the hype is about over this thing.

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218.7.2010 13:12

I will be getting one.

318.7.2010 13:36

as long as i can stream from my pc to my tv with mkv and others ill be ok

418.7.2010 16:26

What does this thing do that my $70 BriteView CinemaTube doesn't already do?

518.7.2010 18:07

Ya I don't get it either. The video doesn't really explain anything at all.

618.7.2010 22:09

I like how it connects you to both your local files as well as all the streaming sources out there. I have yet to find anything that dose it as well as boxee. there are more features that are nice as well but that is the main one.

719.7.2010 12:48

Freinds don't let freinds buy D-Link...Doubt this will be any better than the rest of their crap...

Boy that thing is ugly in my opinion too...What makes it better than the WD Live for instance?

820.7.2010 2:47

Regardless of capabilities, anything from D-link is going to be complete crap.

I honestly don't expect too much from this...I'm sure it will be heavily limited, and it probably won't get updates from D-link, nor from the open source will be outdated before it ships!

92.8.2010 20:43

ppfft at all you haters. This will be sweet as. Have any of you guys even tried the software? Give it a go then come back to me. As for no open source support it is a downstream offshoot of XBMC you n00b, and I wouldnt call XBMC "lacking support".

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