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Facebook reaches 500 million users

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Jul 2010 12:05 User comments (4)

Facebook reaches 500 million users Facebook will announce this week that the social networking giant has reached 500 million members, a gigantic milestone projected for 2010 earlier in the year.
As a way to celebrate the achievement, the company will launch "Facebook Stories," a "visual memorial" to the ways that the site has changed people's lives for the better.

The figures come from Facebook marketing boss Randi Zuckerberg last week, who says while past announcements have just been about the numbers, this announcement will be "about the users."

Facebook Stories will sort user-submitted stories by location and theme.

A few of the themes are "finding love" and "natural disasters," and the stories will be capped at 420 characters, the same as a status update.

You can already submit stories here: Facebook Stories

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4 user comments

119.7.2010 00:34

I signed up cause none of my friends/family used Myspace anymore. Once signed up, I located long lost family I hadn't talked to in years. End of Story and not all that interesting either. 420 characters huh? Gonna need more than that.I'm afraid.

219.7.2010 01:00

In case it wasn't evident to anyone. That comment about the characters was dripping with sarcasm, as pretty much nobody is gonn have a story interesting enough in order to need more than the 420 alotted characters. Haha If they do, then happy reading to everyone else who chooses to take a gander at them.

319.7.2010 05:37

Congrats to facebook however i would have thought they would have reached this ages ago.

419.7.2010 16:59

Originally posted by borhan9:
Congrats to facebook however i would have thought they would have reached this ages ago.
There other 100 millions were in ~6 month intervals. Going from 400 to 500 was actually their shortest, from what I can tell, taking four months.

According to their Blog here are the other "Milestones":

They hit 400 Million in February 2010.

300 Million was in September 2009.

200 Million was in April 2009.

Their first 100 Million was Aug. 2008.

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