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Yahoo to purchase URL shortener?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Jul 2010 22:54 User comments (1)

Yahoo to purchase URL shortener? If you are an active Twitter user, you have undoubtedly used or seen the URL shortener
Gigaom is reporting today that Yahoo is actively considering acquiring the shortening service, with interest growing over the past two months. is said to have raised up to $5 million in venture capital since its launch in early 2009.

Although unconfirmed, was reportedly asking for up to $100 million in a sale to Google.

Says the source: "What Yahoo wants to do is aggregate its users’ activities from around the web. The Facebook Connect integration is the first in a string of coming deals with other social sites… And now, at the center of Yahoo’s new open social strategy, is a product called Yahoo Updates, which consists of activity streams shown in Yahoo Mail, on its front page, in Yahoo Messenger clients and on its toolbars."

The larger question remains, however, whether, which tracks the click-performance of the shortened URLs, and any conversations linked to that URL, is worth the multi-million dollar valuation.

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120.7.2010 15:41 is NOT worth 100 million $. NO URL shortener is. If ANY of them are worth anything, OneCent.US should be the most valuable based on the fact they do 10 times more than most of these services. They're rolling out new features every day and they don't resort to a foreign domain extension to lop a character off either. What's wrong with the good old US? They also donate 90% of their advertising revenue to charity. http://OneCent.US here's also their press release today:

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