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Netflix releases iPhone app

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 26 Aug 2010 8:32 User comments (10)

Netflix releases iPhone app The long awaited Netflix Watch Instantly client for the iPhone and iPod Touch has finally arrived.
Netflix announced the availability of their free iPhone app in the iTunes App Store today. It requires iOS 3.13 or later.

The Watch Instantly service already allowed Netflix subscribers to stream video directly to devices including computers, Blu-ray players, HDTVs & game consoles. An iPad app has also been available since April of this year when the device launched.

A client for Android devices is also in development.

"We're excited that our members can now carry Netflix around in their pockets and instantly watch movies and TV shows streamed from Netflix right to their iPhone or iPod touch" said Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings.

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10 user comments

126.8.2010 10:05

jealous android user, lol
That's a must have for my evo....
Can't wait

226.8.2010 12:39

Doesn't everything have Netflix now? How many devices do they have to put it on? I still won't be using it...

326.8.2010 16:27

Originally posted by dEwMe:
Doesn't everything have Netflix now? How many devices do they have to put it on? I still won't be using it...

Good for you! Don't use it! Myself and many MILLIONS of others who do have Netflix accounts enjoy being able to stream video to a variety of different devices. The more the merrier!

426.8.2010 16:51

I'll be using it for sure and just downloaded it right now and I'm many others will too. This is the only app that you can stream Netflix movies and of course add and remove movies.

Other apps only allow you to add or remove movie.

526.8.2010 23:43

Annoyed Android apps are easier to write than apple apps; if they had started both at the same time, they would have apps for both by now!

626.8.2010 23:55

Why does everything have to start on Apple when it's easier to write code for Android, and the OS is used in more phones than the iPhone? Basically in a year or so ther will more Android phones than iPhones. If they were serious you would think they'd go after the bigger market first.

727.8.2010 06:14

At the moment, Apple still has the lead. None the less, they are developing apps for both because they are smart enough to see that Android already has a good share of the market, and their market share is growing 20x faster than apple (at least). Given the fact that they are doing both anyway, it seems a bit dumb to delay one of them. But then, it isn't the first time netflix has delayed the release for my device; I also have a PS3. did this get onto the imarket? I mean, it must use a lot of bandwidth, and it uses a video standard that is neither quicktime nor HTML5, and people want apple standards, it should have been blocked three times.

827.8.2010 19:56

Originally posted by dEwMe:
Doesn't everything have Netflix now? How many devices do they have to put it on? I still won't be using it...

927.8.2010 19:58

In response to the poster who wasn't using the netflix app cause he doesn't like how netflix is everywhere, may I ask how that could possibly be so bad? You don't have to use it if you don't want to, as you've clearly stated that you won't. Just curious

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1028.8.2010 03:00

If people don't like movies, TV, or documentaries, then netflix does not offer much. Also, if someone only watches TV for background noise, then netflix offers little over ordinary broadcast TV. Oh, and if you only watch 1-2 movies a month, and you don't care how bad the movies are or what they are about, then you can always use redbox.

...For those of us who actually enjoy such mediums however, netflix is a great deal...even back when the streaming was just to PCs.

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