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Rumors of smaller iPad are back

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Sep 2010 18:45 User comments (11)

Rumors of smaller iPad are back According to a new research note by Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, rumors of a smaller, 7-inch Apple iPad have resurfaced.
Kumar says the company will release the smaller iPad during 2011, with a Q1 launch likely.

The analyst bases his conclusions on talks with top Asian component manufacturers such as Pegatron. Pegatron supplies Apple with iPhone and iPad parts.

Kumar also went as far as to say that the manufacturer is currently assembling 20 million CDMA iPhone 4s, meaning the incredibly popular smartphone should be hitting Verizon soon.

The current iPad has a 9.7-inch display and Kumar adds that the upcoming smaller iPad will also include standard and front-facing cameras, allowing for video conferencing.

While it is unclear what benefits a smaller iPad could bring to the market, Kumar suggests that Apple may be trying to drop prices to a more competitive price point.

The cheapest current-gen iPad (16GB/Wi-Fi) costs $499 with the most expensive (64GB/Wi-Fi/3G) costing $829.

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11 user comments

121.9.2010 20:05

Once again, it's an iPod Touch.

221.9.2010 21:30

Been done. Called "Android".

321.9.2010 23:35

Since the two people above me used the two jokes I thought of when I saw this headline I guess I'll just call it stupid.
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422.9.2010 3:40
Unverified new user

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522.9.2010 5:15

Originally posted by Amak:
Been done. Called "Android". tablets suck...and that is from someone who loves his motorola droid. Then again, I think the iPad sucks...and it seems to be making lots of money.

622.9.2010 10:21

ok ,then this will be called " a I pee pad", (IPPad) since it smaller ... you know the sadest thing about this is that its still going to be locked to apple unless you jailbreak it why dont they just release an open to all software packages and carriers unit and watch the sales go through the roof... see they still think that everyone will buy it well saddly not everyone wants something teathered to apple the Iphone only works with your arm out and one leg bent at a 45 degree angle on a good day and the ipad is to big so now they want to reduce the size to fit into what a handbag maybe their new slogan will be the ippad for women small to use on the go.... really this is to sad if they wanted smaller they would use their iphone.... (which dosn't work with out a rubber( excuse me bumper) lol

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722.9.2010 11:19

iPod Touch :|

822.9.2010 12:59

Oh the fanboys get what they've been craving a 7-inch touch from Steve.

I mean ipod touch


922.9.2010 14:39

isnt that like the ipud touch?

1022.9.2010 17:12

Originally posted by mystic:
isnt that like the ipud touch?

Touch is only 3.5 :p

1123.9.2010 14:40

I went to an Apple store yesterday specifically to check out the Ipad. Downloading is slow and you can't read PDF files. Going to the adobe site, there is no version for Safari OS as of yet. I showed the help in the store about such free magazine sites like and they had know idea anyone was doing that.

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