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Microsoft to show off Windows Phone 7 devices on October 11th?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Sep 2010 14:32 User comments (6)

Microsoft to show off Windows Phone 7 devices on October 11th? Microsoft has announced it will hold a press conference in Europe on October 11th and it is expected that the company will officially announced the first Windows Phone 7 devices.
The press event will be held in London and will offer a "hands-on opportunities with WP7 devices."

Dates have been conflicting since Microsoft has yet to give an official launch date for the devices, with many sites claiming October 21st while others claim November 8th.

There is a chance that all the numbers will be correct in some way, with the company showing off the phones on the 11th, announcing pricing on the 21st, and having phones hit stores the next month on the 8th.

Microsoft recently said tethering, along with copy/paste and full multitasking have all been stripped from the 1.0 software release, but will make comebacks in future firmware updates.

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6 user comments

128.9.2010 14:52

So they strip the features on purpose just to add them again later on as if their enhancing the product with new features?

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229.9.2010 0:07

no multitasking... joke!
I guess is about getting the second version of wp7 to really appreciate a good phone... That pretty much saying ur are stupid if u r a early adopter

329.9.2010 1:04

Day late and dollar short...
I was actually looking into getting a Win7 phone ... but couldn't wait and got an EVO.
My Evo... several months old... has better specs than this phone.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

429.9.2010 10:12

What's with all this spam crap on the comments lately? ^^^
It's the same on some of the other news articles. Someone needs to get rid of these ppl.

529.9.2010 14:13

ffocus06, i'm working on it.

630.9.2010 11:43

Honestly, with the Android, Blackberry, and IPhone, why in the hell would we need another company (one who has proven a failure in this market) continue to try for a market share? The above companies listed make up almost 100% of the smart phone market. Unless Microshit is willing to give us features or apps not available from the top three, it makes one wonder why. Stick to what you know, stick to the Xbox, and PC's, and leave this market alone. Microshit tried to keep up with the IPod and failed, tried the smart phone and failed, tried a search engine and failed. You get the point. It reminds me of a company called Nokia and their many failed attempts with a gameconsole/phone.


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