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TDK shows 1TB optical disc at CEATEC

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Oct 2010 1:27 User comments (5)

TDK shows 1TB optical disc at CEATEC TDK has shown off prototype 1TB optical discs at CEATEC in Japan. The company managed to create the 1-terabyte disc by cramming together 16 layers, each holding 32GB. TDK succeeded in forming 16 layers by developing a disc material with a high light transmittance.
"The material has already been used for part of a Blu-ray disc," the company said. "So, it does not have a problem of, for example, durability."

The disc uses the same numerical aperture as Blu-ray Disc (0.85), which TDK says means many existing technologies for the Blu-ray Disc format can be applied. It takes the same time to read one layer of the TDK disc as it does to read a Blu-ray layer.

There is one problem however, and it lies with the thickneess of the disc. "According to the specifications of the Blu-ray Disc, the thickness of a recording layer has to be 100μm or less," TDK said. "But the recording layer of the new disc is 260μm in thickness. And it causes the aberration of an optical lens."

If used, TDK expects it to be marketed for home-use recording, backup media and more.

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5 user comments

112.10.2010 2:56

I'll bite

212.10.2010 10:17

I think Bluray will be the last popular disc because we are moving towards the digital age.

312.10.2010 13:21

my thoughts exactly. BR is barely making it.. the next optical disk will be DOA ... Dead tech... move on.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

412.10.2010 23:03

so long as the human mentality dictates a physical object is a must have. digital distribution will never succeed unless the distribution can be made physical.

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513.10.2010 7:43

Fully digital distribution won't be as practical as some think for quite a number of years to come. Maybe when gigabit broadband becomes a RIGHT for all! ;-)

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