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Japanese have least friends on social networking sites

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Oct 2010 21:12 User comments (5)

Japanese have least friends on social networking sites According to a new study from TNS Digital Life, the Japanese have the least amount of friends on social networking sites, while Malaysian web users have the most.
Users in Malaysia have an average of 233 friends, followed closely by Brazil at 231. Japanese users only had an average of 29 friends.

Chinese web users, despite heavy use of social networks, had a low average of 68 friends.

In terms of time spent on social networking sites, Malaysians averaged 9 hours per week, with Russian users following at 8.1 hours and Turkish users in third at 7.7 hours per week.

"This study covers more than twice as many markets as any other research," added Matthew Froggatt, TNS chief development officer. "It is the first truly global research into online activities, including all the key emerging markets… We have also researched beyond basic behavior to provide more detailed data into attitudes and emotional drivers of that behavior."

You can read the full study here: Global ‘Digital Life’ research project reveals major changes in online behaviour

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5 user comments

112.10.2010 22:54

and i have none, guess that make me statistically stunning.

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212.10.2010 22:57

DXR88, you are not the only 1 as i'm not on any of those sites.

313.10.2010 1:43

Not only am I not on those sites, I actively block anything with *facebook* or *twitter* in the URL all together to prevent any sort of ads relevant to them.

413.10.2010 5:53

I'm not on any of those sites either, but I oftenly receive invitations from "friends" according to the site. But if fact, usually I don't have a clue who they are, so the number of "friends" doesn't really mean anything.

513.10.2010 6:21

The lowest average is 29? WTF? I once had two friends on facebook...and that was only because I had lost the phone number and had to sign up in order to add my friend as a friend so I could get the number again. I closed my account the next reopened itself several times over the next few months, but eventually I was able to keep it closed.

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