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Fox blocked Cablevision subscribers from accessing content on Hulu

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Oct 2010 3:00 User comments (6)

Fox blocked Cablevision subscribers from accessing content on Hulu Although access has been restored, it appears that earlier in the day Fox blocked their content on Hulu to Cablevision subscribers, following the dispute between the two companies over retransmission fees.
Following months of negotiations with no resolution, News Corp. blacked out their Fox broadcast signal to over 3 million Cablevision subscribers in metropolitan New York and Philadelphia on Friday.

Sports fans are upset by the turn of events, as Fox is the broadcaster for New York Giants games and the MLB playoffs, where the Yankees and Phillies are in the second round.

Fox was looking for exaggerated fees for their signal that used to be free. Cablevision has so far refused as they do not want to tack on extra fees to consumer's monthly bill. Cablevision says they already pay $70 million per year for Fox's "retransmission fee" but now Fox wants $150 million per year. Cablevision was willing to submit the case to third-party arbitration but Fox refused.

Anybody accessing the Hulu site with a Cablevision IP address was given the pictured error screen.

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6 user comments

117.10.2010 8:11

WTH? Why can't everybody just get along with everybody for heaven's sakes. It's like two five-year olds fighting to get a toy that really love, and when one gets it and the other one doesn't, they cry and wail about it. That pretty much describes the very immature behavior that I'm seeing here. Grow a set of balls for heave's sakes! Sheesh!

Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

217.10.2010 11:38

Forget cable. Go Directv.

317.10.2010 14:22

Originally posted by pcrazy99:
Forget cable. Go Directv.
Forget DirectTV and go torrent. For sports go to a sports bar...far better looking women.

417.10.2010 23:21

Wow that is a pretty crappy move to block the internet content. Don't punish the customers FOX you edited by ddp. Take up your battle with the cable/satellite companies but if you continue to block content it makes you look like the bigger a$$hole.

Two words: Proxy Site

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517.10.2010 23:33

bobiroc, post edited.

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620.10.2010 12:06

I take great exception to the bias of the article;
Cablevision is paying a higher amount to Fox's competitors even though they now have lower ratings. Newcorp has grown dramatically in 2 years and wants to be paid commensurately. Cablevision needs to renegotiate lower contracts with it's other providers, not continue it's shell game on Fox.
If you were Fox you would have done the same thing with a carrier refusing to negotiate in good faith.
Pub blame where it is due.

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