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Bee brains outsmart computers

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Oct 2010 21:07 User comments (4)

Bee brains outsmart computers According to scientists at the University of London, tiny Bee brains can solve complex math problems that take computers much longer to figure out.
The insects can effectively solve the "traveling salesman problem" as they learn to "fly the shortest router between flowers discovered in random order."

Computers solve the "TSP" by comparing all possible routes and then choosing the shortest one.

Bees reach the same conclusion while using a brain that is about the size of a pinhead.

Says Dr. Nigel Raine: "Foraging bees solve travelling salesman problems every day. They visit flowers at multiple locations and, because bees use lots of energy to fly, they find a route which keeps flying to a minimum."

"Despite their tiny brains bees are capable of extraordinary feats of behaviour,"
adds Raine, via Guardian. "We need to understand how they can solve the travelling salesman problem without a computer."

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4 user comments

126.10.2010 21:42

I've maintained that human tissue is a more advanced form than metal. And so the human brain is the more advanced computer. We are what will occur when you advance robotics.

226.10.2010 22:40

Well, until then, I just want a "Bee Brain" math co-processor.

327.10.2010 9:34

To bad the bees are being extinct :|

Forza Juve!!

427.10.2010 15:53
Unverified new user

Penrose was right!

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