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After five years, Yahoo Mail gets overhaul

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Oct 2010 1:04 User comments (6)

After five years, Yahoo Mail gets overhaul For the first time since 2005, Yahoo has redesigned its Yahoo Mail service, which currently has 280 million users.
The main update is the addition of social networking, meaning users can update their Twitter and Facebook statuses from within Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo says the revamped service will work twice as fast as Gmail and Live/Hotmail.

Additionally, texting and IMs have been updated, as well as the ability to view photos and videos from Flickr, Picasa and YouTube from within your inbox.

"People spend more than 30 billion minutes a month on Yahoo Mail," says Dave McDowell, Yahoo Mail senior product director. "It is a critically important product to our users and this represents [the] most significant upgrade to Yahoo mail in five years."

Yahoo has also added priority messages, the service Google added to Gmail a couple of months ago.

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6 user comments

129.10.2010 3:19

I wonder if they fixed all the mail filter the ones that block the people on your contact list while letting any message with the word "Penis" through.

229.10.2010 4:20

"People spend more than 30 billion minutes a month on Yahoo Mail," says Dave McDowell...

Is it just me, or would it make more sense to say, "People spend more than 500 million hours a month on Yahoo Mail"?

I'd ditch my Yahoo Mail account in a heartbeat if it didn't mean contacting dozens of people I haven't talked to in years just to let them know that my e-mail address is changing.

EDIT: LOL - I just did the math, and that averages out to three and a half minutes a day for each user. For some reason it doesn't sound nearly as impressive when it's expressed that way. :-D
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329.10.2010 5:14

Yeah...but 107 minutes a month per user sounds like a big number. Of course, email should not have big numbers...a good email provider is on that loads quickly, makes everything easy, and gets you on with your day within a minute or two.

44.11.2010 12:38

Hot mail and yahoo mail classic are the best free email providers you can use. Email should be email. Social networking should be on it's own. Make it simple and get on in life.

James A Harden

54.11.2010 15:27

Did they say twice as fast as Gmail? My Gmail loads 1049 MB of emails, with their respected labs, and a theme in a matter of seconds. It better flow really well because Google has that down pat.

64.11.2010 20:26

Gmail has by a long way the best anti-spamming algorithms anywhere. I got rid of Hotmail years ago and now only keep Yahoo because I need it for the Groups. They can take their web beacons and insert them, sideways if at all possible.

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