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German court reduces damages in file sharing suit to 15 euros per song

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 29 Oct 2010 9:17 User comments (7)

German court reduces damages in file sharing suit to 15 euros per song A German court recently shot down a damage claim of 600 euros against a teen for sharing 2 songs, opting instead to reduce the figure by 95% to just 30 euros.
In addition, a claim against the boy's father, whom the lawsuit said should be held responsible simply because his internet connection was used, was dismissed entirely by the Hamburg court.

In explaining the amount awarded, they pointed out the songs were already several years old at the time they were shared and also that the rights holders could only prove the tracks were available online for a short time.

Analyzing the decision, a German law blog noted that even if applied to a current hit, the court's formula could result in damage awards of substantially less than 100 euros.

By contrast, recent lawsuits against German file sharers have demanded 1000 euros per song.

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7 user comments

129.10.2010 11:25

at least the punishment are more fitting to the crime! does make you wonder that someone convicted of file sharing ends up with a harsher punishment than ppl convicted of serious violent crimes!

229.10.2010 13:34

Good, still sucks he forced to pay at all, but at least the father didn't. Good to see German courts have better sense of justice.

31.11.2010 1:41

This'll be the start of the courts properly deciding what should be awarded instead of silly amounts in the multi billions of dollars for songs.

I've never thought about the age of a song but most songs past 2 years would be next to worthless really, as it'd only be fans who'd be wanting the songs and rarely you'd get someone new to the song/band.

Look at Justin beiber he'll be a nobody by the end of the year as some other kid will be the next big thing with the next lot of kids, who'll be wondering WhoTF is Justin beiber?

44.11.2010 9:48

It's nice to see some common sense every once in awhile.

54.11.2010 20:12

Originally posted by DADEO1:
It's nice to see some common sense every once in awhile.
How much is a euro in American?

64.11.2010 21:59

1.42146 US Dollar per Euro or 0.70350 Euro per US Dollar

75.11.2010 14:16

Agreed...this is more fitting, but prolly still a bit too much for such a small offence.
Face it, we all know it's not legal, but it's also not like robbing the corner store at gunpoint either, which is almost what recent punishments are tantamount too.
And yah...Dad was NOT responsible...good decision on the court's part there.

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