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iPad 2 coming in April, say analyst

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Nov 2010 20:20 User comments (2)

iPad 2 coming in April, say analyst Gleacher & Co analyst Brian Marshall has said today that he believes the upcoming iPad 2 will hit in April 2011, a year after the launch of the first-generation tablet.
Marshall basis the theory on "new manufacturing information."

The new device will likely be available for multiple carriers, and include dual cameras, features that should help it outsell its predecessor.

Says Marshall: "I think April is the proper time-frame for an iPad 2. Since Im projecting that Apple will release a CDMA iPhone in March, both will help to equalize Apples seasonality."

The analyst noted that Apple has commissioned a few Taiwanese companies to "manufacture the iPad 2s HDI (high density interconnect) boards in early February."

Finally, Marshall says the new iPad may also have a standard mini-USB connection, instead of its proprietary port.

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2 user comments

122.11.2010 4:53

I knew that this was coming right when the first iPad was released, lol apparently I was right about when it would come out as well. Somehow I feel I am not the only one with that same prediction coming true :-) ahhh Apple so predictable so shitty so overpriced

222.11.2010 10:55

this guy is full of it. i would never buy an ipad, but i have enough common sense to know that one thing wont change. (the stupid proprietary connector). they wont allow a standardized port, they want everything to go through their cables and always have! sorry NOT happening

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